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27 November 2013

Are You Sitting On A Festive Fortune?

According to a recent study around 70% of households have loose change laying around the home that could be put to good use and saved away, especially as Christmas approaches. This equals as much as £1.5 billion each year, just within the UK!

The study also uncovered that 66% of mums regularly save coins in a jar and around 50% of children do the same - it's definitely a good habit to have as it results in up to £95 of savings on average, annually. 
The Mini Mes love popping their money into their piggy banks and planning what they can buy.

Coinstar is calling out to families to 'unleash the power of those pennies' by checking in pockets, down the sides of the sofa and even in your drawers to see how much you can save this December. 

Grab yourself a pot, watch the pennies pile up and see what you can treat yourself to this year.

“You’d be surprised how much loose change you have lying around the house on dressing tables and down the back of the sofa! Popping your coins into a money jar is so easy and is a great way to get your kids into the saving habit too. They will LOVE collecting up their spare coppers and finding out how much they have managed to save, especially when they can turn their pocket money into goodies! Coinstar is a great way to find out how much you've managed to save!”

Sarah Willingham, money saving champion.

Have a quick rummage around and see how much you can find. You will probably be pleasantly surprised!
You don't even need to worry about counting the coins as Coinstar kiosks, there are over 1,900 outlets, will do that for you. You just pop your change in and let them do the work.

For more information, visit

Do you save your change?

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  1. I really don't think I've got any money lying around. I only ever find money when I check pockets before washing things.

  2. I do have bits of money lying around in draws and cupboards maybe I should go round and collect it all!


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