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04 November 2013

Christmas Gift Buying

With Halloween at our backs, I can now devote 100 per cent of my attention on Christmas gift buying. I know it’s only just turned November, but every year I struggle to find the perfect gifts for my family. Their interests change so rapidly - it’s hard to keep up!

I’ve decided to put together this guide, so I can compile some ideas for when the kids get older. It should also be helpful if you have children that are between these ages.

Children of all ages are usually ecstatic to unwrap video games. You won’t need to worry about which ones to get because they will usually tell you – just make sure you buy the right version! Two games that are particular popular at the moment are Skylanders and Pok√©mon. Both involve miniature monsters that the children have to battle and collect.

The older teens will appreciate a more mature game for Christmas. Just make sure it doesn’t contain content you find inappropriate. Younger children shouldn’t be exposed to something like Grand Theft Auto until you think they are ready.

This is a gift idea that many children have to warm too. When they’re young, they usually hate the idea of unwrapping clothes on Christmas Day. If it’s not a toy or a new Xbox game, they’re not interested. That’s why I’d suggest only buying clothes for young teens and above.

By this point they should have started to develop their own sense of style, and will appreciate new items for their wardrobe. You have to be very careful when buying clothes for your children, but it’s hard to go wrong if you buy something that fits the urban fashion craze. Capology has an excellent selection of urban clothing and supply big name brands such as Rebel 8. There’s even a kids section if your children are already fashion savvy!

Board games
Who says board games are dead? What’s a better way to bond over Christmas than with a game of Twister or Guess Who? This is a present that can enjoyed by children (and adults) of all ages. The teenagers may need a little more persuading, but once they get involved, they’ll love it! Amazon sell all the classics: I’d recommend choosing one you know your family will get a kick out of. An intense game of Scrabble isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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  1. I'm think about presents etc but have not bought anything yet. I think console games are good but they are so expensive.

  2. I also am going to dedicate a little time to xmas shopping now so that for once I am ready! some good ideas about gift buting thankyou

  3. I think for Christmas getting board games is always a brilliant idea. Last Christmas we bought Monopoly for our eldest son who was 15 and he was very pleased but now he is nearly 16 he would rather get console games now! x


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