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11 November 2013

Creating the Kids' Perfect Bedroom

The interior design of a children’s bedroom is extremely important: kids not only sleep and get ready in their rooms, but often spend time playing with their friends and doing their homework in there. Every child wants a bedroom that expresses their personality and is lots of fun!

The first step towards providing your little one with the perfect bedroom starts when you search for your family home. I know many parents who have made the mistake of buying their first house, only to realise it is not big enough to keep up with their growing family!

You should seriously think about the number of bedrooms and the space you need in the long-term. When you are hunting for new homes on websites like Gentoo, use the search filter so that only houses with the required number of bedrooms are presented to you – that way, you won’t be tempted by smaller abodes.

I remember feeling like my Mini Mes would be tiny forever when they were babies, but they soon grow up! Make sure your kids’ rooms will provide them with plenty of space as they get older. Don’t fall into the trap of planning a family move three years down the line – always pick a house to fit your ten-year plan, just in case.

The dilemma when you actually move in is deciding how much input to give the kids when it comes to d├ęcor. You want them to have a space they’ll love, but equally mums and dads often know best! You need to strike a balance.

I think it’s a good idea to let your little ones make decisions, but not let them choose the specifics. In other words, allow them to pick their favourite colour scheme, but select the actual wallpaper yourself. Make sure you check with them before purchasing, though in case they do actually hate it.

If your child currently has an obsession with a particular cartoon, don’t let them decorate their whole room with this theme – they are sure to find a new favourite character just months down the line! 

Appease them with easily replaceable, inexpensive accessories featuring these designs, such as this Sulley cushion from Tesco, instead. The 4Homes website has plenty of ideas for themes that should make your kids happy for years to come – one is sure to appeal to your family!

How have you decorated your child's room?

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  1. Good tips. I love colourful rooms so I painted the walls blue with rainbows on. x

  2. fab post I love the idea of bright colourful rooms


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