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26 November 2013

Fairy Frolics

Minxy hadn't lost any teeth in quite a while so the moment she noticed one was a little wobbly at the weekend she decided to tug at it until she pulled it out, despite my best attempts to persuade her not to. Ouch!

I think she was a bit shocked once it was actually in her hand and she felt a little bit guilty for being impatient and not allowing nature to take its course.

Her note to the tooth fairy is proof of that...

She was rather apologetic and even provided a gift for the fairy!

The fairy didn't have any cash to hand, possibly due to the fact a tooth loss was quite unexpected, so she wrote a tiny letter back, left a new book (she raided Santa's stash hidden in my wardrobe, oops) and added some sequins and glitter to the pile. 

Minxy was very pleased that Felicity Fairy prefers the cello....
Funnily enough that is the instrument she plays too.

Does your child write letters to the Tooth Fairy?

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  1. Oh she must have been feeling really guilty about pulling the tooth haha

  2. Aww bless :) I remember my when my 2 were little, my daughter found a kiwi under her pillow what her brother had put there. I shouted him in and asked him why quite madly and he replied I wanted to give the tooth fairy some fruit so her teeth don't fall out, we all fell to the floor with laughter :)

  3. I had a feeling the tooth fairy was going to say cello!

  4. I love that she has left the tooth fairy a letter its so cute bless her x

  5. This is so cute. I'm looking forward to all the tooth fairy fun one day.


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