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08 January 2014

Wendy and Peter Pan

We were invited to Ella Hickson's reworking of Peter Pan at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon just before Christmas and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Based on the 1911 classic tale by J M Barrie it's a slightly modernised version, although it's the same magical story as the original, and ideal for a family theatre trip!

View from our seats!

Aimed at those aged 7 and over (Captain Hook and crew may be a little scary for a younger audience so I wouldn't suggest taking pre-schoolers), there were plenty of little ones and adults with eyes glued to the stage. The Mini Mes were giggling away in their seats in parts due to the warm humour the show has to offer.
The Mr and I were captivated too by the stunning set which included a huge pirate ship and even a floor that raised to uncover Peter Pan and the Lost Boys hideaway. 


The acting was good and there were moments where audience participation was required - the room twinkled with tiny lights amid the darkness when we all had to clap to save Tinkerbell. It felt like a posh pantomine through the lovely engagement between us and the cast.

Tinkerbell was in fact our favourite character. She was quite the opposite to what you would expect of a typical fairy but this provided added humour to the show and an element of surprise - I won't go into too much detail but she alone makes the show worth a visit!


I did wonder when we took our seats how the flying scenes would be recreated and although there were ropes hooked onto the characters at times, Peter was often carried around by his shadows who were well choreographed. At first it felt a little awkward to watch but I definitely feel his time raised from the floor was important for his role as the boy that never grows up.

The relationship between Hook and Smee was entertaining and the Lost Boys, complete with Welsh Curly,  were the clumsy, funny yet lovable characters I had hoped for. The Mini Mes didn't quite 'get' the crocodile, which was played by a man with a pocket watch, although he was incredibly enigmatic and striking!

The show is around 2 hours 45 minutes in length with a 20 minute interval which is perfect for loo breaks and to top up on nibbles! Not only was the show itself great but the location was also.
I had never been to the RSC before but I would definitely return in the near future.

Showing until 2nd March you can purchase your tickets and find out more information here: 

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Have you been to see Wendy and Peter Pan yet?

*We received 4 free tickets to see Wendy and Peter Pan. The opinions given are honest and our own*



  1. From the pictures this looks great. I have not been to see it but would like to.

  2. WOW Looks fantastic - great photos thank you!

  3. the costumes look amazing. i've started to read the book with my son.

  4. This sounds and looks amazing!!! I love the first pic of the set, it looks magical

  5. This sounds really great thanks for the review and pictures.

  6. Pam Francis Gregory26/01/2014, 20:17

    Not been yet, but it looks fantastic

  7. Looks like a fun night out.


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