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16 January 2014

Woolly and Tig App

Based on the Cbeebies TV show, the Woolly and Tig app is ideal for children aged 3-6 as it aims to build confidence and help children to complete essential every day real world activities. 

Jamster is a big fan of games on our iPad so he was keen to have a go too.

Who are Woolly and Tig?
Tig, aged 3, lives with her parents and does something different each day with her favourite companion, a woolly spider. Some new experiences can be scary so Woolly is there to help reassure her and build her confidence. The 5 minute episodes can be viewed on Cbeebies.

The app is quite easy to use on both iPad and iPhone so your child, even as young as 2, should be able to play this with very little or no assistance from an adult. It may take a few minutes to get used to the actions required but Woolly explains everything well during play and repeats himself if your child hasn't mastered what to do. There is also a button to access the grown up area which needs to be held down so children shouldn't be able to move from the home page or activity page - a useful bonus.

The app is split into 2 areas of play; casual play and structured play:

Casual Play
When first opened, the app goes into casual play where your child can stroke, tickle and hug Woolly through touch screen interaction. They can make him roll and jump and this is a great way to build number skills and hand-eye coordination.

Structured Play
There are 6 activities based around daily scenarios including teeth brushing, getting dressed and washing. Each of these activities allows your child to help Woolly complete a task and there are awards to be given to to create a sense of achievement.

There is an area for grown ups where you can schedule in messages to be sent from Woolly to encourage your child to undertake a specific activity, at a specific time. A great idea for younger ones to learn when every day tasks need to be completed during their day.

Play is very limited and Tig isn't featured in the app at all so I feel it is quite expensive in comparison to similar alternatives on iTunes that are cheaper or free. However, if you are struggling with your child getting into a routine or completing a task each day like getting dressed this certainly may help.

What is your child's favourite app?

*We received the app and some Woolly and Tig items for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*

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  1. What a shame there is no Tig on this Woolly and Tig app. Also, why are we using apps to be a 'parent' and show our children how to do things? We should use teachers and pre-school workers. (Only kidding!)


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