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03 January 2014

Our Christmas That Was

The past few days have been amazing with plenty of time together as a family, lots of fun and games and far too much festive food! But like all good things, it comes to an end and with the Mr back at work and the new year now here I thought I'd share our Christmas with you - It's something nice to look back on for me too.

We sprinkled reindeer food outside and set up some goodies for Santa. The Mini Mes don't actually like milk so they offered the man in red a coke instead, just in case he doesn't drink milk too!
Christmas Eve also meant we had to say farewell to our elf, Peppy Tum-Tums.

There were lots of lovely gifts from family and friends to open Christmas morning.

We enjoyed bingo and board games...
... and poker with my parents.

Then a Boxing Day buffet
(Can you tell the Mr likes his savoury nibbles!?)

What was your favourite part of Christmas?

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  1. Sounds like a fab Christmas, what a lucky pair you have with all those gifts, There's a couple of bits in there I'd love to play with!

    I'm sure Santa gets bored of milk too, we left whisky ;)

  2. Looks like an amazing Christmas. I like the idea of leaving coke out for Santa. The Boxing Day buffet looks v nice! :)

  3. Looks like a fab Christmas. My favourite part had to be the kids' faces on Christmas morning when they saw Santa had been.

  4. my fav part (nowadays) is seeing the boys faces when they see that Father Christmas has been - it is just magical.
    What an amazing time you all had - and what a lovely lot of presents, your children must have been good then! and that plate of boxing day food - mmmmm
    thank you for linking up and wishing you a happy and healthy new year x x

  5. What an amazing Christmas. Savory nibbles are great. I think the best bit of Christmas has to be the smiles on my children's faces, and the fact that we are all together as a family (not in separate rooms). Happy New Year.

  6. Lovely post - thank you for sharing your special time!


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