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20 January 2014

Pampering the Poochie

Strangely enough Spartan, our 2 year old Border Collie, really enjoys a shower and being brushed regularly. He will jump in on his own accord, sit nicely and await the shampoo and warm water to be applied.
I think he gets great pleasure out of climbing from the bath afterwards and spraying us all with water droplets as he shakes himself dry!

How to shower your pet successfully

- Prepare eveything in advance. Once your dog is under the water it's difficult to leave them unaided without water getting EVERYWHERE if you need to fetch a forgotten item. Have your shampoo and towel nearby and close the doors to rooms so they can't jump on furniture until fully dry.

- Brush your dog before they enter the shower to remove malted fur and any knots then set the shower to a warm setting.

- Wet your dog well before applying shampoo as this will help it to lather up. I always clean Spartans face gently first ensuring I don't get shampoo in his mouth, eyes, ears or nose then continue onto the rest of his body.

- Rinse well. You can usually feel and see if there is shampoo remaining in the fur but looking at the water running off will also help to tell when they are thoroughly rinsed.

- As soon as the shower is turned off, draw the curtain and your dog will probably shake a lot of the water off straight away. Place the towel over your dog and dry them well, use a hair dryer on a cool setting if you wish.

Beautiful and fluffy!

We received some Pet Head products in the post which we decided to use on Spartan at the weekend.
The shampoo bottle itself was really bright and funky and even topped with a bone! They really have thought of animal lovers when creating these.

The fragrance we received, Pina Colada, was lovely and left Spartan clean, fresh and smelling great.
Not a spec of mud remained on his fur and it lathered up really well making it a stress-free experience all round.

Being a quick rinsing product with an easy pour lid also reduced the time required to clean him.
This means your pet can be in and out fast which prevents them from getting cold or unhappy - bonus.

Available here

Again with the dry shampoo, it was a pleasant and fruity fragrance of Strawberry Lemonade. You can use it twice between washes to freshen up your pet's fur by spraying it on and rubbing it in.
It's very quick and simple to use.

Do your pets enjoy being cleaned?

*We received some Pet Head products for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*



  1. His face is one of happiness - in the shower pictures! Our dogs just put up with it.

  2. Spartan looks adorable. Our dog's not too bad in the bath, though I wouldn't say he enjoys it! those products do look lovely, I'll have to look them up, thanks

  3. I'm not really a doggy person and can't imagine having to wash one but I guess if something makes that job easier then good for it! :-)

  4. Great tips - my parents have a dog who hates being showered, so shall pass your wisdom on to them! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. I have two cats so I let them look after themselves. Only one is a 'water cat' but even he won't immersive himself, just likes to dabble around with streaming taps.

  6. Bless him sitting there in the bath! I love the idea of the dry shampoo - we rarely wash our dog as he hates it and as a clean short haired dog it's not really necessary most of the time but I love the idea of being able to freshen him up!
    Thanks for linking up this week


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