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11 January 2014

Project 365 - A photo a Day #2

This week seemed to fly by! Here is what we got up to...

  • We visited Badby Woods on Sunday for an afternoon walk with the poochie. The Mr decided to walk through what appeared to be a small puddle and sunk right up to his thigh - hilarious!
  • We had some more outdoor fun at Draycote Water Monday. The Mr and Mini Mes love to see how high they can go... even if their expressions say otherwise.
  • Our last afternoon together before school restarted was spent at our local park. We played chase and this was taken while I was 'it' and they escaped to the climbing frames!
  • Spartan doesn't really understand what personal space is and he likes to ram himself between the armrest and I while I'm trying to work.
  • After school the Mini Mes asked to go to the indoor play centre so we headed there straight away. I was surprised by how quiet it was! You can just about see them right in the centre (Jamster in a yellow t-shirt).
  • A yummy homemade jam sponge for dessert - mmmm!
  • We received some lovely furniture from Ikea to review so Saturday was a DIY day.

What photos have you taken this week?

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  1. Some interesting photos. Like the swing 'action' shot!

  2. Ahhh the top pic of doggie is sooooo cute!

  3. Some great outdoor shots and of your wee dog. That is very quiet for an indoor play centre and I had to look twice for your kids!

  4. your dog has got a lovely anf gentle face and seems very used to having his photo taken! the park shots look fun for daddy and the kids x

  5. the dog is adorable, looking at you with those big eyes. Yum yum home made jam sponge....not had one in a long while.
    Nice to spend time together outdoors, hope you managed to catch them.

  6. I need a deserted play centre like that near me! Ours is always busy

  7. I love the expression on your dogs face, he/she is gorgeous.

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a play centre that quiet! Love the swing photo.


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