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18 January 2014

Project 365 - A Photo A Day #3

Our week that was...

Sunday - The majority of the day was spent building the Mini Mes' lovely new furniture that we received from Ikea.

Monday - We had building work being doing on our home so I escaped for lunch with my mum! I had a lovely cheesecake for dessert. Delicious.

Tuesday - The post cage has been removed from the front door as the work has been done on the property to allow easier access... this resulted in nibble marks from the poochie on my letters!! Tut.

Wednesday - The first rainbow I've seen in ages. I stopped on the school run to snap a picture as requested by the Mini Mes.

Thursday - A yummy delivery of sweets!

Friday - Another winter warming dinner. This time pesto chicken with cheese dumplings.

Saturday - A morning of baking and a raspberry sauce on the cooker.

I think I take a few too many photos of food!!

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. ooo lots of yummy foodie pics! We love spotting rainbows.

  2. Ahhhh furniture building, hope you werent in flat pack hell!!
    Loving the sweetie delivery

  3. There's a real food theme there! :)

  4. are those catherine wheels I spy, I love liquorice. the raspberry sauce looks nice, what did you use it with? Hope the dogs dont eat anything important

  5. mmmm pesto chicken and dumplings sounds perfect for this time of year as does that cheesecake yum! and sweets - blimey Emma this post is making me very hungry *runs off to the kitchen* x

  6. Mm that cheesecake is making my mouth water! (I take way too many food photos too!)

  7. Those sweets look lovely and it looks like you are getting yourself organised with a little bit of help from Ikea

  8. hey honey some super photos and I must say i am loving the new facelift!! xx

  9. Oh these lovely foodie photos have made me hungry!

  10. This week I managed to surprised my daughter with an iPod Touch (she'd asked for one but didn't think she was ever going to get it)! Kids get expensive even at 19. The rest of the week was spent trying to find some video game time and failing miserably, I'm a competition enterer and there are a lot of great ones about at present. Might give myself next week off, perk of being me I guess. Those are great photos, I was wondering what camera you were using for them?

  11. Ooh that pesto chicken sounds delicious. Might have to look out a recipe for that one.

  12. The cheesecake looks delicious!

  13. I love rainbows. all that food looks really yummy x

  14. Ummm all that food is making me very hungry. The cheesecake looks amazing


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