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30 January 2014

Sk:n Clinics

With so many slim and beautiful celebrities featured across various social media networks each day it's hardly surprising we can feel a little self conscious at times. The 'perfect' beach body takes time to achieve, especially after having kids, and we don't all have nutritionists, personal trainers or nannys to have the children while we jump on the treadmill for a few hours! 

We generally all have lumps and bumps that we aren't happy about and despite our best efforts we don't always have the time or energy to put ourselves and our appearance first when our families take priortiy. 
I guess that's where Sk:n Clinics come in - they can help you to create the image you really dream of quickly and efficiently.

Apart from anti-wrinkle injections to make us feel younger and skin tightening proceedures to give a more smoothed and toned look, Sk:n clinics offer laser hair removal treatments to prevent hair growth in those unwanted places. Now in particular is an ideal time of year to get booked in too; before spring and summer arrive and we spend our days lounging on the beach or in the garden in swimwear! 
It's one less thing to worry about.

 If you think about how long you spend shaving, waxing and using painful epilators it is definitely something to consider. There are many laser hair removal reviews you can have a read through beforehand to see if it's something you wish to endure and to give yourself peace of mind by finding out about others experiences.

Laser Hair Removal - Process

It's a very straight forward process that begins with your thorough consultation at a Sk:n clinic and test patches. There is also a review after your 4th session, as Sk:n really understands how important it is to take take care of and make time for their clients, where you will receive vouchers and products too!

  • Trained staff provide you with goggles and discuss the treatment with you fully
  • The treatment takes 15-45 minutes depending upon the area size
  • Cool air or gel is applied to the area and little or no pain is felt
  • For best results treatments need to be repeated every 6 weeks (laser facial hair removal is every 4 weeks) for 8 months

Laser Hair Removal - How it Works

The dark pigment in hair attracts the laser and becomes a conductor. The laser travels to the folicle and damages it which prevents the hair from growing back as quickly. The hair regrowth then slows with each of your treatments
Laser hair removal prices are probably considerably cheaper than you would expect (I was quite pleasantly surprised) so you won't need to break the bank in the process. 

Would you consider laser hair removal?

Have you had a treatment with Sk:n clinics that you would recommend?

You can find more information about laser hair removal and other treatments from Sk:n clinics blog.

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  1. Interesting post thank you!

  2. my friend has had most of her body hair zapped and she swears by it!

    1. Definitely cheaper than I expected, in need to investigate too!


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