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21 January 2014

TomTom Hands-Free Car Kit

We all know it's illegal to drive using a hand-held device and doing so can result in 3 penalty points and a £100 fine, something we really don't want. But there are some calls you just need to make or take while on the move. 

Getting yourself a decent hands-free car kit is therefore essential and we recently received a TomTom version for smart phones that does the job perfectly.

What's included:

  • Smart phone Mount
  • 3 Adhesive cable clips
  • Microphone sun visor clip
  • Microphone a-pillar clip
  • Microphone extension wire
  • Fast Car Charger
  • Adhesive Disk
  • Installation poster

The Mr had a quick read through the instructions (boys and their toys!) and after that installation was quick and easy to do. The clips supplied ensure the cables are tidy and we had no difficulty using the extension wire to place the microphone in the best position for us and our vehicle - above the drivers door. 

The dual mounting system enables you to select whether you want to attach your kit to the windscreen or dashboard and the adhesive disk or suction pad will keep it firmly in place. You can also choose whether you wish to angle it in portrait or landscape positions which is particularly good if you have mapping apps in use. Once your phone is in the mount it will also conveniently charge your handset for you so you don't need to worry about having a flat battery while you travel - It's a very useful product to have!

To use the hands-free calling feature you don't actually need your phone to be within the universal holder, you can in fact have Bluetooth switched on and leave your phone in your pocket or bag. When the engine is switched on the kit will announce that it is or isn't connected and you can use the buttons on the holder to answer or end your call and alter the volume level with ease.

I was really pleased with the quality of the sound both while in the vehicle making calls and when at the receiving end while the Mr was out. There was no annoying echo like with alternative versions we have tried and the speech was very clear. 

It is such a great quality hands-free kit and it has meant I've been able to receive calls while driving rather than waiting until I reach my destination or having to pull over to answer. Having an iPhone I am also able to use the voice control to ring people which has been really useful and the same applies to the Mr with his Samsung Galaxy. We are also able to connect out iPods to the holder to play music and access track lists while travelling, the only small downside I've found is that the buttons on the holder don't light up which could cause issues for those driving at night.

I would highly recommend this product.

Do you use a hands-free car kit?

*We received a TomTom Hands-Free Car Kit for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*



  1. I don't use them, I never take calls whilst driving, it's just too distracting.

  2. I agree with FantasyMeister but great review thanks x

  3. Good review - not for me as I still think it would distract me, but I understand it could be useful for some. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. This is just what i have been looking for, thanks for this honey :-)

  5. We use our phones for sat nav purposes so this would be great for us.
    Thanks for linking up this week :)

  6. Pam Francis Gregory28/01/2014, 21:32

    I have in-built Bluetooth but great review.

  7. This would be a great idea when I travel and only seldom get calls. I don't answer my phone when driving around town unless I am able to quickly pull into a parking lot. I like the idea especially for the maps when traveling.

  8. I've had mixed success with TomTom car connectors.

  9. I definitely need one of these, I just added it to my list of Christmas demands.

  10. Despite which one of the handheld GPS units you pick, you will be upbeat that you got one, particularly the first occasion when you get yourself lost in the forested areas.


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