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28 January 2014

Turtles Time

For Christmas we purchased Jamster the TMNT Secret Sewer Lair as he is obsessed with the pizza loving ninjas that are Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo. It was definitely his favourite gift and it's lovely to hear him playing with his figures and putting on different voices for each.

While putting some washing away the other day I could hear him pretending to be Splinter; the turtles sensei.
Splinter asked all of the turtles to gather in the sewer for an important meeting.

Jamster as Splinter: "I've actually got a confession to make. 
      I'm really a mouse in disguise."

The seriousness in his voice had me sniggering!
Thankfully the turtles weren't too bothered by this revelation...

Jamster as Leonardo: "That's okay, can we go and destroy Shredder now?"

What have your little ones said to 
make you laugh this week?

Wot So Funee? 



  1. vicky limerick28/01/2014, 09:45

    My lg cant talk yet but I woke up this morning and found she was half way round her cot with her lefs in the air smiling her head off. Really made ne snile x

  2. My daughter says funny things but I forget to write them down and soon forget what she's said! She makes me laugh when she plays with her dolls and puts on a high, squeaky voice when they are 'saying' something.


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