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05 February 2014


If you have been following me on Instagram or reading my Project 365 posts you will already know that I ALWAYS take photos of what I'm about to eat. I'm a bit of a tease and I like to make people feel hungry and then drool at the site of my cookies and cakes! 

Yep, I'm one of those annoying people in posh restaurants that will sneak a pic before taking a mouthful. 

Last week was Farmhouse Breakfast Week which promotes the importance of a morning meal.
I got involved and shared a few images of what I've been eating to try to encourage others to have something too to start their day...

Sausages with tomato sauce on fresh brown bread.
Crunchy cereal with a splash of chilled milk


What have you had for breakfast?

The theme this week is Food.



  1. Could eat cereal most of the day! ;)

  2. that sausgae and ketchup looks so nice x

  3. The sausages look lovely. They make my stomach rumble....Love the cereal letters, What cereal is that?
    Boo Kitty Boo XXX

  4. That sausage sandwich looks lush! We have cereal and toast for brekkie most days #TheGallery

    1. Really into toasted muffins and brioche at the moment too mmm x

  5. I have toast & the kids have cereal - a nice sausage or bacon sandwich is a lovely treat we have some weekends :)

    1. We tend to have hot breakfasts at weekends, including pancakes mmm x

  6. I love breakfast, so many tasty alternatives to choose from


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