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09 February 2014

Heating your Home with Hive

 The weather is somewhat unpredictable at present making it incredibly difficult to decide what to wear each day! The sun seems to make an appearance but as soon as you slip into a vest top and cropped trousers the rain arrives and you require a jumper and wellies instead. 

The same applies when it comes to heating your home, it can be just as hard to know what settings to apply when you head out for the day, but an exciting new product is here to help:
 Hive allows you to control and alter both your hot water and heating while on the move. With a simple touch of a button via your mobile (laptop or tablet) you can adjust the temperatures and schedules set so when you arrive home you can be snug as a bug or nice and cool, whichever you prefer. It's ideal for after a long day at work when you want to boost the water for an hour to relax in the bath, when you decide to head out for a meal or drinks last minute and don't want to heat an empty home or when you are so comfy on the sofa and just can't be bothered to get up (or is that just me?!).

It's a really handy thing to have especially with alert options available too which keep you updated when temperature levels are reached.

Furthermore, you can save £150 each year when you have Hive Active Heating installed in your home and there is no need to change your energy supplier - bonus!

My Ways to Save Money at Home
  • Meal Plan and only buy what you need. Write a list and stick to it. Stay away from any aisles that you don't need items from to ensure extra items don't 'fall' into your trolley
  • Keep hold of those toilet rolls and containers to make space rockets and robots on rainy days. It saves on purchasing craft materials and keeps kids happy.
  • Avoid using the tumble dryer. Purchase an airer or use the washing line
  • Turn plugs off at the socket. Don't leave your appliances on standby

How Hive works

This clever invention has an initial set up cost of just £199 which includes full installation, a state of the art wireless thermostat, receiver and hub. It's the little things like this that in the long run save so much money for your family it's definitely worth investing in.

The wireless receiver is connected to your boiler, the hub is connected to your broadband router and the thermostat IS connected to the wall all in around 90 minutes.
You can then set up your account online and use the app too for full control when you are out and about. 

You can find out more information of buy your kit here:

Is Hive heating your home yet?

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