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11 February 2014

Outdoor Family Fun - 5 Cold Weather Activities

We all know how important it is to be active but when the sun hasn't got it's hat on and Jack Frost lurks around every corner we often need encouraging to go outside.

Hopefully these 5 ideas will help to persuade you and your family to pop on your boots and get moving outdoors, regardless of the weather!

Shadow Fun
With darker days until Spring it's the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all of the shadows on the ground. Use them as stepping stones, play shadow tag or see what interesting shapes you can make with your hands and body. 

Star Gazing
Enjoy a lovely evening walk and see if you can identify the sounds of the wildlife before laying on the ground and staring up into the nights sky. There are so many constellations to look out for but you can also look for planes, bats and owls in the process. 

For a warmer alternative take a tent.

Puddle Jumping
Your little Peppa Pig fans no doubt like to get messy so put on some sensible footwear (I love my new women's Puma trainers), some waterproofs and get splashing. You can stand nearby for some great action shots or join in too. Warm up afterwards with a hot chocolate, plenty of cream and marshmallows with a great family movie.

Winter Games
With the Olympics in progress it's the ideal time for recreating some of the activities safely at home in the garden. Use cardboard boxes as bobsleighs and your imaginations for some competitive play. You could always do some baking and make some cookie medals to reward yourselves after!

Woodland Creations
With high winds there are many broken trees and plenty of branches around. Go on a scavenger hunt to collect some and then use your materials to make your own magical broomsticks and stick characters. Cuddle up with Room on the Broom and Stick Man for a read too or get back straight back out there for some kite flying action!

Which winter activities do you enjoy as a family?



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