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15 March 2014

Our Week That Was - Project 365

  • Cuddles on the sofa with Spartan after a busy day playing outside
  • A rather large breakfast I cooked for the Mr
  • Minxy moved her TV onto the floor and made a mini den under her desk
  • New carpet and the Mr sorting the lounge out afterwards
  • A nice delivery for Jamster
  • A nice delivery for me - anniversary chocolates and flowers
  • Another delivery, a pretty mirror from Asda

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I'm coming for breakfast! That looks like heaven #365

  2. Tha breakfast is making me very, very hungry especially the black pud! Your other half deserves it doing all that clearing up after the new carpet, lovely colour. I love the way kids and dogs snuggle, so sweet.

  3. That breakfast is epic - can you make me one? Hexbugs are awesome, my little boy loves them. Gorgeous flowers too #project365

  4. That breakfast looks delicious! Loving the flowers and chocolates for your anniversary! ;) #Project365

  5. Ooooo good old English breakfast you cant go wrong with that! :D I also read the Mug behind it! hehe I think my OH... needs one lol. #Project365

  6. That breakfast is making me feel hungry!

  7. Happy Anniversary! That first pic is rather sweet. #Project365

  8. Happy Anniversary! Oh do I miss a good English breakfast!

  9. Ahhh lovely! The flowers and chocolates gift from your DH look gorgeous! You have a good one there!

  10. Happy Anniversary, how special to have a delivery through the post

  11. ooh so many lovely deliveries - and a breakfast of champions!

  12. awww honey i am super jealous i love new carpet :-) x


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