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24 March 2014

The Granny Awards

I'm lucky to still have a grandparent in my life, and the fact that she lives nearby so I can visit regularly is even better. Once a week, after dinner, the Mini Mes and I drive to her home along with my mum, sister, aunt and cousins for a good natter and plenty of treats. Grans are always great at providing sweets and biscuits aren't they!?

Some of my fondest childhood memories involve my Grandma.
Her and my grandad used to visit at weekends and while they sat watching the football results after lunch my brother and I would sit on the floor with trays, the ones with the fold out legs, filled with cakes like a little shop. Jam tarts, Viennese whirls and donuts. Mmm.

Photo bombing my mum and gran 

I remember our trips swimming, to Cadbury's World and to feed the fish in a nearby village.
Hiding in and running through the tunnels at a park in Warwick.
Playing in their huge garden using the windbreaks to make a den.
Riding around on the little red rusty trike they kept in the shed and collecting ladybirds.
Roast dinners and spaghetti bolognese followed by pavlova and sponge cakes.
Searching for mints with my siblings that she had hidden around the house like a treasure hunt.

Now that she is a great-grandma to the Mini Mes it's lovely to see them giggling at her crazy monkey impressions!
They push around her trolley and offer her carrot cake and giant chocolate buttons.
They watch as she talks to her little budgie named Bobby like a best friend.
She turns off the news to let them watch cBeebies and gives them spending money when we go on holiday.

She is groovy gran and we love her dearly.

888ladies bingo infographic - is your granny secretly a cat?

Have you got an amazing Gran?

Rumour has it that the 888ladies granny award competition has begun - Stay tuned to and their FB page for your chance to win!

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  1. Lovely photo! We have a great one of my my with me and my sister and my mums 5 little grand daughters!

  2. I do not have any Gran left on my side, but I still have a Nan Flo (Marks nan).
    She will be 100years old this year and she is awesome!

  3. A really lovely photo and story, my children don't have any great grand parents on my side but lots of grandparents instead.

  4. That is such a lovely photo of you with your mum and gran, you're so lucky to still have her around, and to have her close by :-)

  5. My nan passed away almost three years ago now. I miss her so much. Grabs are amazing that photo is lovely x


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