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29 March 2014

The Wedding Season: Outfit Tips for Boys

It’s that time of year again, when you may be having invitations thrown at you left, right and centre, as more of your friends and family members tie the knot and ask for you to be part of their magical day. While most people love a good wedding, choosing what to wear can be a nightmare, especially when there are children involved. No matter how hard you try, kids will end up looking scruffy by the end of the day anyway, having been sliding around the dancefloor on their knees and playing outside if the weather (and venue) permits. 

If you’re stuck on what sort of thing a little boy can wear to a wedding, here are some great tips to help you choose, so that they will look smart and dapper (for the ceremony, at least!). 

• Choose something that will make them look ultra-smart and cool. Boys love to look stylish and a
wedding is a perfect time to do so. Consider the latest trends, such as some gorgeous tweed trousers, or some slim fit tailored ones that would look fabulous with a smart shirt. 

• Think carefully about the wedding, itself. If you and the family have been invited to the whole day, something smart may be required more than if you’re invited to the reception only. 

• Consider any dress codes that may be applied; if the bride and groom are more relaxed and less formal, a pair of smart jeans with a nice shirt would be fine. 

• Use your boy’s school shoes instead of going out to buy some new formal shoes. If they’re still in good condition they’re just as smart and, with a little polish, will scrub up just fine. If they’re beyond saving, take a look at the boy’s school shoes from George at ASDA and use a pair of these rather than spending a fortune on shoes that will rarely be worn again. 

• Add a flat cap and stylish waistcoat to a little boy’s outfit and he’ll look simply adorable! Go the whole hog and add a little indie chic with a pair of braces and some turn-ups. 

• Babies can dress up too! There are some simply adorable outfits and sets available throughout the year that will make your baby the cutest thing at the wedding. Be warned though, he’ll be expected to give LOTS of cuddles! Plus, a smart, cute outfit may help detract from any crying he does at inopportune times! 

• Opt for darker outfits that won’t show the dirt because, if your child is like most others, they will get messy. Whether it’s dropping some dinner down themselves, or picking up dust and grime from the dancefloor, the darker the outfit is, the smarter they’ll look for longer. Don’t feel like they need to look like they’re going to a funeral though - just avoid the crisp cream linen trousers! 

Don’t worry if you don’t have outfits in your wardrobes already – weddings don’t necessarily mean having to spend a fortune on posh apparel. Have a look on the high street in the mid-season sales, and check out your local supermarket – you’ll be surprised at what you will be able to find!

Have you got many weddings to attend this year?

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  1. Oh gosh you've just reminded me that we have a wedding next week and I haven't thought about clothes for M. It is probably going to be fairly informal so I think we can get away with making sure he is clean ironed clothes. Thank you for the reminder I will get the best clothes out so they can't be worn during the week.

  2. Ahhh Thank you for sharing!

  3. I have a wedding in may, any tips for girls? :)

  4. ooh interesting post, we have a wedding to go to this summer but I don;t want to get anything too far in advance incase it's too big or too small by then.


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