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28 April 2014

Body Care with Montagne Jeunesse

We don't all have the time or funds to book regular spa days unfortunately but that's no reason to stop well deserved pamper sessions! With Montagne Jeunesse you can treat yourself to some relaxing beauty treatments on a regular basis at home, without breaking the bank.

Seaweed Peel Off Masque

We received a lovely bundle of goodies from Monagne Jeunesse to put to the test:

x1 Pot of Acai Body Smoothie 
x1 Bottle of Foot Cooler 
x2 Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque
x2 Red Earth Clay Spa
x2 Dead Sea Mud Spa
x2 Glacial Clay Spa
x1 Manuka Honey Peel Off 
x1 Super Fruit Mud 
x1 Creamy Coconut 
x1 Black Seaweed Peel off
x1 Hot Spring Sauna 

The first I tried was their new Brazilian Mud Fabric Masque from the Clay Spa range as this was nothing like I had seen before and I was certainly intrigued. It has purple mud infused into the bamboo fabric and the fragrance was instantly appealing upon opening. It contains acai berries and avocado which are rich in magnesium, high in antioxidants and vitamins and therefore a great way to cleanse and stimulate skin. 

It was really easy to apply as you just tear open the sachet, remove and unfold the mask and then place on your face after removing your makeup. For maximum contact you can pat the masque down and it's a good idea to smooth out any wrinkles too. It terms of appearance it did look a little scary but being at home this didn't really matter! It seemed to fit really well considering it is a  'one size fits all' product too and the eye, nose and mouth holes provide plenty of room to keep the mud away from sensitive areas.

After 15 minutes I removed the masque, massaged my face with a little water to get the excess off, rinsed and dried. My skin felt considerably smoother, instantly. I was rather impressed by the results and I have since tried the Red Earth version and a peel off masque in Black Seaweed.

Fabric Masque

These are ideal for using alone, for some girly mother and daughter time or for when friends are over. There are so many different types available which are suitable for all skin types that there is bound to be one that you would like to try too. They aren't expensive either at around £1.49!

I'm trying to persuade the Mr to try one as I feel it will be really beneficial for his dry skin.

Have you tried any products from the Montagne Jeunesse range yet?

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  1. I've never used face masks, should start having some kind of beauty regime really! x

  2. I have never used a mask before. My husbands reaction would be great though if he came home from work and I was sitting on the sofa like that!


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