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07 April 2014

Don't Wait Until Monday - Diet Chef

You indulge far too much and then feel fat... so you comfort eat and then feel even worse!
It fast becomes a vicious circle and the pounds soon turn into stones, you get stressed about your appearance and it really starts to alter your life. 

Over the past 5 years I've put on 3 stone. 3 STONE. When you are in a new relationship and you're really happy you don't worry about things quite so much. You spend more time with your loved one and less time exercising, you enjoy takeaways or eating out to save time spent on cooking and you treat each other to wine and chocolates. After a while it hits you. You can't do up your clothes and you have put on weight. Lots of it!

I'm at the point where I'm almost 30 and I'm unhappy with my body. I want and need to change for
the sake of my health, fitness and confidence. It's something I've been saying to myself for a while but as I used to feel sexy and slim and long to feel that way again I'm now in the process of trying to reach my goal with Diet Chef.

I began Diet Chef on Friday. I could've waited until today, being a Monday the day when everyone starts a diet, but I've always put things off and that's exactly why I am in the position I am right now!

Diet Chef provides a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for each day of the week and then you are advised to have your 5 fruit and/or veg portions and 2 dairy products too. This totals around 1200 calories which should provide a 2lb weight loss per week for the 'average' person. All the meals are calorie counted and portioned perfectly for you so you don't need to measure or weigh anything out that they send. It's so simple that even I can do this!

You really don't need to worry about starving yourself to get the bikini body you dream off.

Day 1

I selected: 
Chocolate Soft Cookie
Tomato, Red Pepper and Cheese Pasta Pot
Paprika Flavour Bites
Macaroni Cheese

To this I added:
30g Cheddar cheese
1 glass of milk

I didn't feel hungry. I still had my chocolate fix from the cookie. I still got to enjoy cheese which is one of my favourite foods - all while loosing weight (hopefully).
The food tastes really good too which is always a bonus! There are over 100 options to choice from and with everything delivered to your door on a day of your choice it's convenient too.

I've been exercising for 30 minutes or more each day, usually just walking, and I will continue to do so. I've been using my Fitbug Orb to track my steps, calories burnt and distance travelled. It's a really useful device as you can upload directly to the free related app to store everything. You can even wear it in bed and set it to standby mode then just reactivate it in the morning!

I'll be keeping you updated with my 28 day Diet Chef challenge review each week and I'm hoping to see a loss of 8lb overall...if not a little more.

To a healthier and happier me.

Have you tried Diet Chef yet?

*I am review the Fitbug Orb and Diet Chef. The opinions given are honest and my own*



  1. Good luck with your dieting! Think of the Summer!

  2. I get my diet chef box tomorrow. Just hoping I don't her tempted to have something else


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