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01 April 2014

Lip Balm Lab - National Science Week

National Science and Engineering Week was 15th-24th March this year and it was a great way to inspire the children (and adults) of today to have a career in these areas -  both of which are very important to our economy. We didn't get to attend any events in relation to this unfortunately but we have however had fun with Interplay's Wild Science Lip Balm Lab at home instead!

This kit is ideal for tweens and Minxy thoroughly enjoyed creating her own make-up products. She got a real sense of achievement and discovered how exciting experiments can really be. She is very much into science already but for those that aren't keen this may encourage them to give it a go.


Soy Ester
Baby Oil
Vegetable Wax Beads
Fine Shimmer
Strawberry Flavouring
Oil Based Red Colouring
Lip Balm Storage Jar
Microwave Heating Tray
Sample Tray
Colour Instructions

The contents stated on the box didn't quite match those listed within the instructions and those supplied - the box mentions there being a workbench and use by date stickers which were not included however everything else was correct.  I think this may be due to the fact that it has been updated for 2014 but it didn't cause any issues.

Considering the cost of just a single lipgloss from a shop the Lip Balm Lab is great value at £12.99. The kit will make several balms and the handy storage jar is great for popping in your bag while on the go.

Minxy really liked the fact that she was able to decide whether she wanted her balms flavoured or coloured and she was able to add shimmer if she wished. It was also great that we were able to see exactly how balms are made which was interesting and educational. The kit is aimed at children aged 8+ and although I observed when hot water was required she was quite able to make the balms unaided. She had lots of fun creating balms for both herself and her friends!

A great kit.

You can find out more information here:

Did you do anything for National Science week?

*We received the Lip Balm Lab for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*



  1. Great review thanks - my girls would love this!

  2. I need this, I'm addicted to lip balm lol great review :) xx

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  3. Yeah! I ordered this for my two girls to share! They will enjoy it over Easter! Thanks!

  4. I love kits like this where your kids can get really involved in making stuff- sadly my daughter is all grown up, so am now onto slime kits with my boys!

  5. This kit looks like a lot of fun. I bet even boys would love to have a go at creating something special.

  6. I didn't even realise it was national science week, shame as I have a budding scientist here. Your kit looks great.

  7. What a lovely kit I could do with one of them.

  8. I have seen these before and wondered ether they were any good or not, I think I will pick one up for Boo's birthday as I am sure she would love this x

  9. This sounds great and I'm sure B would love it because she already loves wearing tinted lip balm, but she will have to wait a few years. As a scientist I think it is important to demonstrate to children how science is important to our lives.

  10. That sounds fab! A great way to team science with every day life. Love the handy holder too!


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