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29 May 2014

4 Outdoor Cleaning Strategies for a Better, Brighter City

Nobody wants to live in a dingy, dirty city, especially not if they want to feel good about their home, and respect the area that they are spending time in. Research has shown that people who live and work in a clean city will have a better quality of life than those who are living in squalor. Not only will they enjoy better health, but their general outlook on life will be more positive. With this in mind, it is important for cities to implement strategies and programmes for ensuring that their areas are as bright and welcoming as they can be, so that their people can be happy and productive. 
Here are four outdoor cleaning strategies for a better, brighter city.

Go Green

Join the green revolution! The more trees that are in the city area, the more fresh, clean air that will be available for everyone to breathe. Start implementing strategic plans for creating green areas within the
city, and have less concrete and more trees for people to enjoy. Often during the growth of cities, there appears to be more and more concrete filling every square inch of the place, and less and less green areas. City planning and redevelopment needs to incorporate nature strips, and areas for the trees and other wildlife that also call the city home.

Commercial Cleaning of Public Spaces
Walking around a city early in the morning, after the street sweepers have been by, is such a pleasing way of appreciating the city landscape. Employing commercial cleaners to ensure that areas around buildings are kept rubbish free, and that built up grime and dirt is removed regularly, can do wonders for helping a city to be brighter and cleaner. Commercial cleaners such as AMC Brisbane are employed by lots of individual businesses, and city councils to ensure that each part of the city is kept looking its best.

Rewards for Citizen Rubbish Collection
One great strategy for helping citizens to take responsibility is to reward people for picking up rubbish. Some cities such as Beijing have recently introduced a system whereby people can swap plastic bottles for subway credits, by returning containers. Systems such as this can turn waste into something positive by helping to make rubbish something that is valuable to citizens, and reduce the amount of rubbish that is left lying around in the process.

Eco Construction
City planning and development needs to incorporate eco construction values to make the most of the space that is being used. There are loads of different ways that green values can be incorporated into the planning, such as utilising solar power, growing vertical gardens, recycling, and eco focused art pieces. A regular fountain in a city square can be planned to produce electricity through the flow of water, which can light street lights within the vicinity. In today’s green revolution, with the many eco options available, there is no excuse for cities to continue to ignore their role in making their city as bright, clean and green as possible.

What other ways can a city be a brighter, cleaner place for its citizens? 

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  1. We visit quite a lot of other towns for shopping and days out and are always put off by a dirty town/city - It's the first thing you notice! x


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