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22 May 2014

How Does Your (Kefalonian) Garden Grow?

We had a lovely family holiday to the beautiful island of Kefalonia last week and our quiet hillside complex was filled with pretty and vibrant flowers. Some of which I'd never seen before. 
There were also plenty of olive and fig trees bursting with fruit, which is what gave our apartment it's name...

The scent of wild Jasmine and Fennel lingered by the bar and pool.

 Lurking within the bushes leading up to our accommodation was a family of stray cats and this little ball of fluff popped it's head out on many occasions when we walked by...

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?



  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the colours and the kitten is adorable x

  2. I love the random kitten at the end! Hope you had a lovely holiday x

  3. We have been there too and you are so right - it is beautiful! Your photos are lovely! Thank you for sharing - brought back some lovely memories!

  4. Such a variety of colours, it looks beautiful there. I so would have squirrelled a kitten into my bar and legged it!
    I hope you all enjoyed the break?
    Thanks for joining in missus - have a good weekend! x

  5. Welcome home - I came to comment on the garden but all I can say now is "awwww cute kitty"


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