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13 June 2014

7 Tips To Get The Best Results When Decorating Your Wedding Cake With Ready To Roll Icing

A wedding cake is a very important part of a wedding. When the moment comes for the bride and groom to make that first cut together everybody gathers round and their eyes will be as much on the cake as the happy couple.

These tips will help you avoid disaster if you’re decorating your wedding cake with ready to roll icing. Some of these pointers will help with decorating while others will help in other ways that are equally important. 

1. Make A Pinterest Board. This might seem an odd tip but whether you’re making your own
wedding cake or hiring a professional, creating a Pinterest board and storing inspirational images can help. It will mean you’ll have a better idea on exactly how much and what colours of ready to roll icing you need.

2. Compare Icing To The Scheme. Most weddings have a theme/colour scheme that ties together the dresses, stationery, flowers and other elements. Make sure that you compare the colours chosen for the scheme with the ready to roll icing. You’ll want colours that complement the colour scheme so that the cake fits in. 

3. Don’t Leave It To The Last Minute. If you want your cake to look perfect you really don’t want to be making and decorating it two days before the event. If you’re making a traditional fruit cake it can keep for months, and if you’re going for a sponge it can be frozen and then decorated a few days before. You can use ready to roll icing to decorate a cake up to a month before, but remember to boil any water or jam that you use otherwise it will go mouldy. 

4. Prepare Your Cake. Before you apply the ready to roll icing make sure the surface of the cake is smooth. You can use buttercream or marzipan for this. Whichever you choose it will mean your icing will look perfect. 

5. Take Time Kneading Your Icing. Getting icing the right consistency takes practise, but it’s important to get right. If you don’t make it pliable enough then it will be difficult to decorate, but if you over knead it then you’ll get little cracks and splits which will get larger once the icing dries

6. Get Rid Of Bubbles. Nothing ruins the look of a cake than bubbles under the icing. An easy way to remove them from ready to roll icing is by inserting a scriber or pin at an angle to the bubble. This will release the air and you can then use your fingers to smooth the icing back into place and cover the small hole. 

7. Give It A Polish. Once you’ve got your ready to roll icing on the cake you can make it look wonderful by giving it a polish. There are several ways you can do this. Some people like to use their hands, others prefer using cake smoothers. A great way is to smooth the surface using smoothers then take a small ball of icing, rub the base on your dusted work surface and then use the icing to buff the surface up to a perfect sheen. 

Follow these tips and when you decorate your wedding cake with ready to roll icing the results will be as magnificent as the big day. 

Have you got any wedding cake tips?

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