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10 June 2014

A Fabulous Father

You don't really need a day dedicated to your dad to show them just how much they mean to you, but Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to really show your appreciation if everyday life usually prevents you from doing so.
Whether you wish to shower him with gifts and gadgets, provide breakfast in bed, enjoy a family day out or do something a little different, 15th June is your chance to make him feel special!

I have two amazing father figures in my life; my dad and the Mr.
My dad has always been there for me and he is now also a wonderful pap to the Mini Mes too.
The Mr stepped up to be a 'dad' to the Mini Mes in 2009 when he became my partner, treating the Mini Mes as his own which really does take somebody quite amazing - for that I am always grateful.

Both have important places within my heart.

However, Hampergifts have asked me to share a little about why my dad deserves a hamper of goodies from them so I've decided to tell you a bit more about him.

Fondest memories:
We used to have a small black and white leather footstool and my dad would turn it upside-down, I would sit on it between the four legs and he would spin it around on the floor like a ride - it was hilarious and it felt unbelievably fast as a child! He also used to get my siblings and I to sit inside a plastic wash basket and he would fly us around the lounge in it like a rocket... I'm probably a little too heavy for that now, unfortunately!

Darts, football, poker, real ale and travel. He has been to America numerous times over the years and is heading to Cuba later on this year. He collects beer bottles, much to my mums disapproval, but I guess we all have to have a hobby! The Mr and I often play poker and darts with him, he usually beats us but when he does lose he really doesn't like it at all and he will sulk!

5 words to describe him:
Humorous, fun, stubborn, daft and entertaining.
Some people say we are quite alike. I'm not sure why...

Some alcohol may have been involved *cough*

He always makes me smile and cheers me up. 
Two peas in a pod!

Why is your dad special to you?



  1. Ahh this is a lovely post, my dad lives in America now so not as easy to shower him in gifts as it was before. I still send him soppy emails though :) x

  2. You Dad looks like such a character! :) x


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