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20 June 2014

Expressions - Funny Photos

The Mini Mes are fairly used to having their picture taken whether it's to remind us of a fantastic family day out, for work purposes or something completely different, so it's no surprise that more recently they have become obsessed with selfies. They will borrow my phone to take photographs of themselves, usually while pulling random faces and giggling, and I will discover them a few days later when going through my phone. They always make me chuckle.

Another thing they are currently obsessed with is Minecraft and I have the app on my iPad for them to play from time to time. Jamster had asked to play while I was doing Zumba the other day so he and Minxy wandered upstairs to keep themselves occupied while I exercised. Later that evening I
decided to use the iPad myself and upon unlocking it I soon discovered that they had in fact once again been taking selfies, but this time they found my face swapping app in the process...

Funny, but also a little scary!
While Jamster smiles happily Minxy doesn't look very impressed does she.

Do your children take selfies too?




  1. Emma this totally made me snort with laughter!! i am going to have to try that app!! lol lol #expressions

  2. Ha! What a terrifying monobrow!! Great pic. My boys would love that app : )


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