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18 June 2014

Football Photo Frames - A World Cup Craft

With the World Cup well under way the Mini Mes were keen to find out a little bit more about it and get involved with some themed crafts too. While discussing how the group stages worked (and avoiding the offside rule, thankfully) we created a simple football photo frame that they can both pop their favourite pictures into.

You will need:

Coloured card/foam
A picture of your choice
String/ribbon (optional)


  • Using a bowl as template, approx 9" in diameter, cut out two card/foam circles.
  • In the centre of one circle cut out a small hexagon
  • Place your picture in the middle of your complete circle, gluing it down once positioned correctly, and then glue on the second circle so you can view the image through the cut out hexagon
  • Use the ruler and draw a line with the pen from each point on the hexagon to the edge of the circle
  • Cut out 6 card/foam triangles and glue them onto each line with a flat edge along the circle edge and a point facing towards the hexagon
  • Your photo frame is now complete! If you wish to hang it from the wall or a door you can use the scissors to make a small hole at the top of the frame, add string or ribbon through the hole and tie the ends together.

Note: If you want a realistic football look use black and white colours. The Mini Mes however selected green and blue for theirs.

Have your children been watching the World Cup?



  1. I am going to have a go at making this frame with my grandson.

  2. these look great will get some arts and crafts and try these with my son xxx

  3. this is lovely & looks so easy to make

  4. Simple idea that looks great!


  5. Fabulous for a little boy's bedroom x

  6. i'm going to make my boys one of these they will love them thanks :-)

  7. I'm going to give this ago at the weekend with my son.

  8. these look great i'm going to make 2 for my younger boys

  9. These are a great idea especially at the moment with the Euro's on - a good way of getting boys and girls involved in fun crafts!


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