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15 July 2014

Conversations with Kids

Sometimes the honesty from the mouth of a child can be completely hilarious whereas at other times it can result in you running for the hills with flushed cheeks in embarrassment. The Mini Mes have, as always, come out with a mixture of the two this week *cringe*. 

Thankfully nothing was said within close proximity to offend however! Phew...

When getting ready for school some mornings there is a lady that passes by the window with quite a long face.

Minxy: "I think when that woman was young she wished to be a horse when she grew up. It definitely came true."


Minxy is definitely not a morning person and it can often be a struggle to get her out of bed for school. When she does rise she is like a bear with a sore head, unless it's the weekend.

Jamster: "I think Minxy laid in a bed of poison last night mum. She is evil today."

A certain little man likes to use his cute, yet cheeky, smile to his advantage.

Jamster: "Can I have an ice cream from the ice cream man today please? If you are feeling lovely and generous I'd also like a slush puppie."

I think someone has seen a few too many accident adverts.

Minxy: "Jamster just kicked me! Can I claim compensation?"


What funny things have your children said this week?

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  1. Hahaha! I know a few children that slept in a bed of poison then! These are so adorable and funny!

    My twins were having a chat to each other the other day that made me laugh..
    Rhys "are you sure your Ewan and not Rhys cos you forget where your blankie is all the time"
    Ewan "I think I'm Ewan? Are you Rhys?"
    Rhys "Yeah I'm Rhys so your Ewan"

    Just tickled me on how they could question who they are! lol

    1. I think some nights I must sleep on poison too 😉
      I bet they can confuse many people with their identity at times hehe!

  2. Lol the claim compensation did make me giggle!! And love the 'if you are feeling lovely and generous!'

    Kids can say the cutest/funniest things sometimes!

  3. I love the compensation claim. I can not wait until Maxwell can sit down with me and have a full conversation. I will be in fits of giggles.

  4. Out of the mouth of babes..... Lol

  5. EEEk I wonder how long it'll be before my boys try the compensation claim one! LOL

  6. Ha ha! Baby can't speak properly yet so I have all this to come. x

  7. I think I sleep in a bed of poison most nights. I am not a morning person

  8. haha! so funny. good to write things like this down, or you'll forget these funny little things.

  9. Haha what some great moments - amazes me the things kids sometimes come out with :) x

  10. Love the one with compensation... kids are so clever and learn so fast :-)

  11. Ha ha, the poor horse lady, and I love the idea of compensation, my kids would be flat broke!!

  12. Haha! I love the compensation bit! 21st century child ;)

  13. That is brilliant! I love the horse one, how funny. It is hilarious but like you say quite embarrassing sometimes when they say the first thing that comes into their heads


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