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10 July 2014

Preparing for School - The Uniform Edition

As the summer holidays approach many of us will be thinking of days at the beach, playing in the garden and picnics at the park but it's important to be prepared for September, whether your children are returning to school or starting for the first time. Being organised early enables you to enjoy the break without worrying last minute about purchasing shoes and blazers, when the size and style you require could be out of stock. 

Our school uniform guide should help you to remember everything you need!

Polo Tops and Shirts
Some schools prefer one or the other so ensure you order the correct style and in the necessary colour. If you opt for shirts then it might be wise to get a few long and short sleeved versions, or even
3/4 for the girls, so your child can select which they want to wear depending upon the weather. It can often be hot one day then raining the next regardless of the season.  If the girls prefer a more feminine collar you may wish to select a scalloped look.

Trousers and Skirts
If buying these early take into consideration that your child may grow during the 6 week period so allow an extra inch or so in length. Also try trousers on with shoes for a more realistic fit and check with the school about the length of skirts allowed; some have to be below the knee.
If  you are able to choose between black, grey and navy it's best to select a darker shade as it helps to hide any stains that young children may get while playing in the playground or sat in the lunch hall! If you are picking skirts go for straight or minimal pleats as they are easiest to iron.

Sweatshirts and Blazers
Although crew neck jumpers probably look smarter with collared tops underneath, v-necks display ties well and are a looser fit. It's certainly down to personal taste and a cardigan may even be the perfect option instead if your child wants something a little cooler. Get blazers early to give yourself time to sew on school badges and when your child tries them on do up the buttons to make sure there is no gaping and get them to raise their arms to ensure the sleeves still remain at the wrist and don't rise too much.

P.E is compulsory and it's likely to take place 2 or 3 times a week so it's a good idea to make sure you have the correct equipment. Have separate bags for swimming and athletics/gym to remain organised and purchase a t-shirt and shorts plus jogging bottoms for the Autumn and Winter. Make sure your child has a swimming costume (all in one for girls, not a two piece) and a swim hat also if they have lessons.


  • Multi-coloured socks, tights and underwear however funky are usually forbidden so stock up on black and white instead. 
  • Make sure you label all clothing worn at school as it's likely that something will go missing at some point through the school year.
  • Get your shoes (and plimsolls/trainers for sports) nearer to the end of the holiday or ensure there is room for growth
  • Collect your tie or any items with pre-sewn logos on before you break up for summer

It might be worth having a look at the School Uniform Shop online as they deliver for just £1.95 and it saves you the hassle of going into town with the kids in tow!

What tips do you have for purchasing uniform?

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  1. I love the choice of uniform clothes now. When my children were little it was so restricted. I am happier when taking the grandchildren uniform shopping when I need to.

  2. I'm so glad that nowadays all the good clothes shops and supermarkets stock the generic items of school uniform. I remember when I was young my mum having to spend a fortune at the local uniform shop.

  3. It's good that you can buy pieces cheaply in the supermarket now, it can be really expensive if you have a couple of kids

  4. Great tips i really need to remember these

  5. Great post, some good tips

  6. I managed to get a bargain the other day 2 for black school pumps from aldi! xx


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