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30 August 2014

Discovering the Best Super Foods for Your Pet and You

Many people have favourite pet food brands and they will argue that their choice is the best. The discussion about which pet foods are healthiest can be as detailed as what the best fence for dogs is and whether the pet stop invisible fence is at the top of the list. It sounds silly to non-pet people, but those of us who believe our pets are family members are passionate about finding the safest, healthiest products for them.

While the proper containment for your pet is definitely important, even more so is what you feed them. Even buying pet food that is labelled organic or natural may not be the best choice, as government regulations are not that strict about what can be in pet foods that are labelled organic. The only way to be sure your pet is getting the safe, healthy food they deserve is to make it yourself. With the following list of super foods, it will be a snap for you!

Super Foods for Your Pets

This list of super foods isn’t just for your pet – they are extremely beneficial to you, too! Organic sweet potatoes, for example, shouldn’t be saved for only holiday meals. As a nearly perfect food, you and your pet should eat sweet potatoes as often as possible. They are a wonderful source to get fibre and also have anti-oxidants to prevent cancer and slow the ageing process.

How often do you snack on organic carrots? Have you ever thought of sharing a raw carrot with your pet? Probably not, unless you have a rabbit, but your dogs and cats will love chewing on a raw carrot as a treat! Carrots have many vitamins that can help with vision problems.

Beans have been a staple of our diets for hundreds of years. They provide a lot of protein and also help the body burn fat quicker, so people (and pets!) who need to lose weight can find them very beneficial. The minerals in beans also help the immune system fight illnesses. Garbanzo beans, black beans and soybeans are all excellent choices.

Organic broccoli is another near-perfect food choice. While it is very beneficial to animals, make sure you do not feed them too much of it. Allow only ten percent of their diet to be broccoli. It can lower cholesterol, help the immune system and aid the body in getting rid of toxins.

If you ask anyone about brain foods, you are likely to hear about oily fish. This isn’t a meat to be served only to cats! Your other pets will enjoy the taste and will benefit from its ability to increase intelligence and prevent allergies.

Now that you have a list of super foods, it is time to create a delicious meal for your pet.

• First, preheat your oven to 180 degrees.
• Use a piece of non-stick foil that is large enough to form a packet around the food. 
• Lay a fillet of fish, such as fresh tuna, on the foil with the skin side down. 
• Add to that a sliced sweet potato, a cup of diced carrots and a cup of black beans. 
• On top, place 1⁄2 cup of chopped broccoli and then top it all off with a half cup of stewed cranberries.
• Wrap the food tightly to prevent steam from escaping and bake for 35 – 40 minutes. When you open the packet, be very careful as the steam can burn you. 
• Let the food cool before serving to your pets. They will love it!

What food do your pets love?

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  1. Very interesting read, I think I'll try upper foods for my dog :)

  2. my dog much prefers human foods, he hates potato's


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