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08 September 2014

5 Dangers You Might Be Exposing Your Family To And Not Know It

Everyone wants to look after their families. There are many dangers though, that you might not even be aware of, and these may cause damage to your family’s long-term health. Here are five of these dangers to look out for:

1. Noise can damage your ears
Most people should be aware that exposure to loud noise at an early age can damage your ears. This is not an old wife’s tale. If your children enjoy loud music, or you constantly wander around the house with your iPod playing in your ears at full blast you could be setting a dangerous example to your family. Hearing deteriorates over time, and you may find that your family members will have to attend a Hidden Hearing clinic for a hearing aid at some stage in their future. It’s far better to explain how the ear can be damaged by excessive noise and let your kids appreciate the importance of their ears.

2. Hidden asbestos
Asbestos can kill. An article in the Daily Mail revealed that this toxin is still widely prevalent in some homes and therefore you may be vulnerable if you are exposed to it. Before you are about to carry out some DIY, and if you believe that your property might have some asbestos in its fabric, contact a local builder and ask for advice. The last thing that you’ll want to do is expose your family to this lethal danger. Dr John Moor-Gillon of the British Lung Foundation has said: ‘many of us are still exposing ourselves to asbestos without realising it.’ 

3. Show your family the advantages of a good diet
Not all takeaway food is bad for you. But use of excessive grease, lack of fresh vegetables and a constant diet of pizzas and hamburgers with chips are adding to the nation’s obesity crisis. The BBC Science website reveals that our national refusal to cook nutritious food at home may be killing our families. Heart disease and strokes are on the increase. Diabetes and high blood pressure are also at dangerously high levels. If you can show your kids that good food can be exciting you may be helping their long-term health.

4. Household Pollution
You may think that your house is spotless but if you have an open fire you may be exposing your family to dangers from soot. Enclosed wood burners are safe, but The World Health Organisation has revealed that 50% of all premature childhood deaths are caused as a result of exposure to soot. Cooking with solid fuel can also pose a threat, as can leaky gas cookers; it’s always a good idea to hire a professional when installing a gas cooker.

5. Calor gas heaters cause damp
With increasing fuel costs across the UK, many families have turned to a calor gas heater as a way of warming their homes in the cold weather. It’s important that if you are using one of these appliances you make sure that you have adequate ventilation otherwise the vapours from your heater can cause damp and harm your family’s health.

What other dangers can you think of in and around the home?



  1. What a great post. Yes I know I ought to try harder with the diet. I have plenty of fresh fruit around but they tend to eat bananas, unless I say oh eat this other fruit. Going to tackle it with better meal planning.

  2. I am trying to eat better at the moment and having kids with allergies I am always interested in knowing more about household pollutions.

  3. There is asbestos in the plasterwork in our house. We have boarded over until we are in a position to move house.

  4. I have really poor hearing and whilst it is something I have had since birth (and likely caused by a traumatic delivery) I am cautious about noise myself!

  5. A really interesting post, I had never considered many of these things


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