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19 September 2014

Innocent Alphabet Champions - X is for...

I'm a big fan of innocent as a brand. Not only are their smoothies and veg pots really delicious and convenient when on the go, but they make sneaking in a couple of those well needed 5 a day a doddle, especially when it comes to the kids! They use plenty of fruit in their drinks so they are bursting with flavour and they even make tubes which are 100% puree and juice that are ideal for lunch boxes. I couldn't really ask for more, especially with them currently being half price in many supermarkets too. We certainly took advantage of the offer recently.

I was quite excited when innocent approached me and asked if I would like to be 1 of 26 bloggers to be an alphabet champion. I'm always up for a good challenge but once I discovered what letter I had been given I soon realised what a challenge it would be.

We were provided with the letter X. Linking this letter to a fruit or something relating to the return to school was going to be difficult! I put it to the back of my mind while we went on holiday to Luxembourg and decided to think a little more about it upon my return, but it was actually on holiday where I found exactly what I was looking for.

On the second day of our holiday we visited Parc Merveilleux, a beautiful zoo which has animals from 5 continents, lots of artwork on display and incredible play areas. The weather was warm without being too humid and it was a reasonably quiet day so we had the opportunity to explore at a leisurely pace.

We saw lots of animals....

Oleg, is that you?

We climbed on a giant sleeping fairy and hid under toadstools (as you do)...

and then the Mr and I sat down while the Mini Mes played on the variety of slides, rope bridges and climbing frames.
It was at that very moment I realised that I was actually sat on the answer. Literally.

A giant Xylophone bench!

We then discovered another Xylophone on our way home too.

Music can help children to be creative and imaginative
Music helps children to express themselves
Music helps children to learn about different cultures
Music can build confidence and self esteem
Music can develop social and communication skills
Music can be fun and a great way to relax

A xylophone is an instrument that provides so much more, in terms of education, than meets the eye.

Minxy has already signed back up for the choir this year and she plays the cello.
Jamster has just registered for the junk orchestra.

Challenge complete.

If you want to collect your own innocent alphabet magnets you can find three within each promotional pack. You can also collect the bar codes from the boxes and have your name sent to you.

Check out the website for more info.


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