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05 November 2014

Spooktacular Bath Time Fun

If the kids need encouragement to have a bath, which can be quite common, the best way to get them into the tub is by making cleaning fun. Shaped or character sponges, plenty of bubbles and toys can really help but I've recently discovered that the products from Mini-U help too; to the extent that I now struggle to get the kids back out as they enjoy them so much!

We received the Bath Bonanza set which contains: 

  • Dunk and Doodle Bath Paint Soap in red, blue and green
  • Fizzy Plops Bath Colour Tablets (9)
  • Lovely Bubbly Coloured Bubble Bath in red and blue
  • Bang Fizzy Bath Bombs in POW, WOW and Whizz

Minxy, loving everything girly these days, decided to put the princess wow bath bomb to the test first. Not only did it turn the water a lovely shade of pale pink with a mild melon scent, but there was a little surprise inside which the Mini Mes thought was fantastic...

Such a great idea!

Jamster decided he wanted to put the blueberry super heroes version into his bath next so he could reveal his own miniature sponge too. It fizzed really well, similarly to the Fizzy Plops Tablets, and I didn't need to worry about it staining anything as all of the range is created so that they don't mark skin or baths. That's certainly a bonus being the one that does the majority of the housework. 

The bath paints were next out to play and these were definitely a big hit. Being able to write messages and doodle on the tiles, and their own bodies like tattoos, with these multi-coloured soaps was a lot of fun. I was quite keen to write my own things on the walls too!
When the soap became a little runnier from the warmth of the water and dripped slightly it created some really spooky Halloween fonts which were ideal for October. 

The lids are easy to undo and the narrowed tip helps to control the flow. These are scented too; Melon, Blueberry and Kiwi

The Mini Mes can have quite sensitive skin, especially this time of year with the colder weather, yet we had no issues with these at all. There are no Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulphates or Parabens in the products as Mini-u like to keep the 'nasty' ingredients out for a parents peace of mind. They are also great value and quality, a combination you don't often see.

Finally we used the coloured bubble baths and a little certainly goes a long way with these. It's thick in texture but pours with ease with the handy flip top lid. I was impressed by how lovely the colours and fragrances were and I even had a bath using these myself a few times. 
They can build up some nice bubbles for a relaxing soak too.

The cute designs are on all of the items and this makes them even more appealing to children. I would pick up a few more of these in the future as they would be ideal for making your own beauty hampers this Christmas or as stocking fillers. They also have a haircare range I'd like to try.

How do you encourage the kids to bath?

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  1. Neat! I don't gave kids but these would be great for the littles in my family. I'd love it if you added this post to the giveaway on my blog. I hope you guys had a great Tuesday!

  2. These look sooo cool! x


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