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28 January 2015

Making Predictions For The Year Ahead

On New Years Eve 2013 we began a new tradition. It is just a bit of fun and a great way to bring the extended family together, to not only celebrate the end of a fantastic year but to make our predictions for the year ahead too. 

It all simply began over a few glasses of wine cups of tea and a buffet dinner by discussing what exciting things we had planned for 2014, with holidays and weddings being mentioned by all. We then decided to make it competitive, as families often do, so the pads of paper came out, the glasses went on and there was hush in the room as we sat on the edges of our seats.

We set up some questions and each of us popped down on paper what our thoughts and guesses were for the next 12 months. These were then hidden away and reopened in December 2014 to see how accurate we were with our assumptions and to find out who had the most psychic ability (if any). I failed to get any right, bar 1, but I'm hoping I'm more successful this year as I'm a bit of a sour loser. Even the Mini Mes join in and they really enjoy being involved, however bizarre their answers are.

We repeated this process at the end of the year and my dad currently has all of the notes bundled away in with his paperwork to remain secret until 2016 approaches. If you want to join in feel free to use the questions below but alternatively you can create your own. It's a nice activity and something to spend an hour or so talking about with your partner and children while the cold weather lingers outside.

Sample Questions
  • Who will win the election and with how many seats
  • 3 celebrity couples that will divorce/marry
  • A positive family surprise
  • Rugby World Cup winner
  • Will and Kate's baby sex, date of birth, name and weight
  • Sports personality of the year
  • A local and world headline

You can do as many or as few as you wish! We also have some family related ones that link in with my brother and sister in law as they are expecting a baby in the summer. I will finally be an aunt which is certainly exciting news and I've predicted that their bundle of joy will be a girl.

You can add some more personal ones to suit yourselves too. 

What predictions do you have for 2015?

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  1. This is a great idea! definitely going to try and remember this as a NYE activity for next year, maybe with a few bets for added fun! ;)
    Lauren | Belle du Brighton xx

  2. What a great idea, definitely going to borrow this :)

  3. This is a super idea. We are not very good at making any plans together but I will suggest that we try something like this next year.

  4. Love this. Great idea. I'll predict that Kate and William have another baby boy x

  5. That sounds fun - will have to remember that for this year!

  6. What a brilliant idea - i can imagine it can get quite competetive

  7. What a great idea for a game and something to look back upon and talk about too.

  8. What a brilliant idea ... hee hee would love to be a fly on the wall when you re-look at them at the end of the year!

  9. Great idea - sure husband will go into uber-competitive mode thinking up new questions though ;)

  10. Sounds like fun, wonder how close you will be to the right answers?

  11. this sounds like a fun idea especially to play on NYE or Christmas Day with a glass of wine and some friends. x

  12. oh now this is a great idea! thanks for sharing :)


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