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19 January 2015

Minimise Me - Weight Loss Weekly #2

I kick-started the year with a 3 pound loss last Monday which I was pleased about and now I'm onto week 2 of Minimise Me. I have to admit that I've found this week a bit harder and I've been so tempted to eat lots of naughty treats that are lurking in the cupboards leftover since Christmas. The fact I cooked a batch of warm, gooey brownies for the Mini Mes didn't help either. I could almost hear them calling me from the fridge to be consumed!

I have eaten a lot more veg which I'm pleased about and I've been drinking a lot more water thanks to my new Soda Stream machine. I feel as though I'm in the zone; focused and determined to succeed. It also helps that the Mr is trying to eat healthier and lose some weight too as we can spur each other on.... that was until Saturday. A drink with friends NEVER ends at 1 and we ended up having 7 and eating out at a grill. Fail! Therefore:

Week 2 =

Stayed the same 
(BMI reduced but I'd hadn't lost enough to register as a pound)

Total loss so far = 

I need to try harder! Onwards and downwards.

I will continue to be honest to hopefully shame myself into do better!

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  1. The brownies looked so yummy! You did very well to resist


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