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24 January 2015

Night without the kids? Then it’s glamour time!

They run around at your feet like excitable hounds, jump around while you do the dishes, and wake you up in the middle of the night to get rid of monsters under the bed. You love your kids – but when will you have time for yourself?
Sometimes you simply have to drop the kids off at their gran’s, get dolled up and hit the town. But that eye for fashion that used to be so sharp has grown a bit rusty since you’ve started raising kids.
Fear not! We’ve put together a few top fashion tips to inject a dose of modern glam back in your life. Have a gander and you’ll be looking more stylish than a Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss double act.

Maximise your makeup
You’ve probably got a few friends who are complete fashion disasters; the type of people who own more mascara than sense.
They’ll strut down the street with eyebrows long enough to be considered offensive weapons, and skin so luminous that it can be seen from outer space. If good fashion sense is a gamble, then these poor souls have struck out so often that they’re gambling their mortgage to pay for one more spin of the wheel.
That shouldn’t leave you stranded in a sea of poor makeup choices. What you need is a cosmetic like mineral make up that will give you a lighter look and won’t burden you with the cakey appearance of high street cosmetics.
Essentially, it’ll make you look less TOWIE and more glitzy.

Find the right angle
Here is the look of the year that’s guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd – it’s angular and it’s gnarly.
Start with a topknot that will pull your hair up tightly and combine this with harsh, angular strokes from your mascara brush and heavy, thick eyebrows. Add some bare lips and a light peppering of foundation and you’ll have a look that’s as gritty as it is eye-catching.

Coming up with a classic
Think about those style icons that everyone loves – Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Gloria Swanson and all the others that encapsulated glamour in the golden age of cinema.
What is it that still makes their style so striking? Well, despite the great effort they made to look beautiful, it’s the illusion of no effort at all that works for them.

Take a leaf out of their book and aim for simplistic sets of blacks and whites. This understated elegance, combined with sudden splashes of colour, will set you alight anywhere, from debonair cocktail parties to scuzzy nightclubs.

When did you last have a night out?

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*Guest Post written by Paul Watson*



  1. The last time we were without the kids was in October. we went away for a few nights, with a third child on the way that was probably the last opportunity we had to escape

  2. Ummmmm I'm sad to say we have only had 2 nights out since the kids were born

  3. I can't remember the last time my husband and I had a night out on our own. I have a few cosmetics that I use daily, but other than that don't delve into my make-up stash very much. I definitely need to refresh my stock.

  4. Last time we went out was early December His birthday!
    I am prob one of those girls you dont like im orange ha! xx

  5. We were lucky enough to get an evening out together at the beginning of December, couldn't tell you when we are next likely to get one

  6. Like most of your readers - I haven't been out for a long time. However, I travel to work on the train so do like to put some makeup to look a bit presentable. I like the idea of understated elegance. Only wish I could carry it off like Audrey Hepburn!!

  7. Oooh I can't remember the last time we went out without the kids but we are planning a night away soon ;-)

  8. I love a bit of makeup but sadly we have no one to look after our children. I realised this morning it has been eight years since I went to the shopping mall by myself!

  9. Great posts - good tips!
    I wish i had more time to do my make up. I love experimenting with big lashes and colors.
    The last time i went out was a few weeks before Christmas. Got very glammed up and had a blast!

  10. About 3 months then realised i didn't even knew how to put make up on :I

  11. I haven't wore make up since last year - it sounds bad when I say it like that!

  12. A night out? Together? Ha. I think that's an annual event at this rate.

  13. Not for a long time... I think it was last year during holidays but I am ok with that :-)

  14. Oh bless all your commentors, I wear something everyday, not always a full face but I never leave the house without mascara x

  15. My last night out was in the summer - so need another one

  16. gorgeous colour palette! I've given up hope of a night out ever!

  17. I love girly nite outs, but when it comes to mkae up I like the subtle look.


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