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05 February 2015

7 Things Parents Do, Because They Love You

Until I became a mum myself I would always look back at my own childhood and think my parents were seriously harsh when I was growing up. I remember hiding in my room, with music playing believing they had ruined my life and things were so unfair (think Kevin and Perry), but it's now, as an adult, I realise they had my best interests at heart.

They were in fact doing their best for me regardless of what I thought at the time.
Just as I try to do for my little peeps now.

Vegetable Overload
This wasn't a form of punishment for a grumpy tween, and I very much doubt they got any enjoyment from watching me gag while swallowing spouts and cauliflower galore. They were trying to provide a healthy diet for me to ensure I got my 5 a day by stocking my plate with a mixture of foods. The Mini Mes will pull the same faces of disgust I did when I ask them politely to eat their greens, and I don't mean the ones from their noses.
It's only because I care, kids!

Killer Curfews
Playing out with friends was always such good fun; nothing beat a good game of kirby or giving backies on bikes in our cul de sac. That was of course until ma and pa popped their head out of the front door to tell me it was time to go in and spoiled it all. 'Just 5 more minutes' was said on repeat in response. I would tut and sigh and drag my feet as I returned home but they really weren't being mean and deliberately preventing me from having a social life. They just wanted to make sure I was safe and not wandering the streets in the dark and that's partly why I don't let my children play out yet too. Perhaps they will understand one day.

Work Before Play
Leaving homework until the night before it was due was never a good idea but it was something I would always try to do, as my children do now. Little procrastinators they are! We don't want you sat behind a desk 24/7 putting pen to paper, as school keeps you away from us for too much of the day as it is, but your education is important and you can do something more exciting once it's complete. Parents do actually want their children to have a good future, not just so we can have an amazing care home one day, and good organisational skills from a young age will set you up for life.
We really aren't trying to bore you silly.

Limited Technology
Sitting in front of a screen for hours on end may seem great for a child (or some adults in fact) but being torn away from the controller for a few minutes is for your benefit. We would love it if all of those neanderthal grunts while you are so absorbed in mining and racing could be transformed into a conversation. And not where you just request food supplies either! You can put your hands to better use, outside being active from time to time as fresh air is good for you after all.
Perhaps you could even give me some of those Olaf warm hugs I've heard about (endlessly)?

Mess Removal Requests
Unfortunately the cleaning fairy doesn't visit here and with enough on our plates already due to work, studies, meals to cook and other chores to complete, popping your clothes in the wash basket really isn't too much to ask. Is it? They aren't going to clean themselves so transferring them from floor to laundry pile would be really appreciated if you would like them cleaned, dried, ironed and put away ready to wear again like magic. When you one day spread your wings and leave home you will require some basic life skills so it's the little things like this that are a great start. It's not meant to be torture.
It also means I can spend less time cleaning and more time playing with you. Win win.

Yep, routines and bed times are necessary. I don't want to prevent you from watching The Thundermans and those green heroes in a half shell by calling 'lights out' and tucking you in, but sleep is when you grow. Something I wish you never had to do as I quite like you being small, but it is vital for your own development which I care deeply about. 

Covering Up
Whether it's your head with a helmet or your torso with a coat, you often refuse for one reason or another but it really is for your own good. However uncool it may appear to be to your peers, although if you sit back and look I think you will see that they are all in the same boat, you may discover it's wise to keep snug in the snow and protect yourself from injury.
I would hate for anything to happen to you.

It's all just because I love you.

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  1. Its funny how you never actually understand these things until you grow up or become a parent yourself! Ahhh life!
    The best one I think about is "Don't be so quick to want to grow up being a child is the best days of your life"
    They wasn't 'the best' but I understand what they mean - who wants to deal with bills etc lol

    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

  2. haha yes im doing it all too , I always tell my lot that I am teaching them to be responsible but in the next sentence telling them of being to quick at acting like a spoilt teenager lol x

  3. All so true! I do get a little scared when I sound quite so much like my own Mum at times though!! When my two misbehave now my Mum smiles at me and whispers 'karma' lol x

  4. This is very true and I think that we never respect or realise how much our parents do until we have become them ourselves!

  5. So true! I thought my mom was so mean until I became a mom, now I think she must've had the patience of a saint x

  6. This is so true. There are so many things we now understand and appreciate once we become parents!

  7. Very true. I don't think anyone can appreciate the things your parents did until you become a parent. My children will probably think I am a mean Mum too but I do it because I care!

  8. So so true, its not until you have kids that you realise how hard it must of been. I know my kids think i am a nag and can't wait until they have their own xx

  9. I hear most of this from the wife to me ;)

  10. Yup! All those! Mind you, I am lucky that my teen is FAR more sensible than I was at her age! Bet one of the younger ones will be my Mums revenge!

  11. This is so true in every household. We have all been there, thought it and done it.

  12. So true! You don't appreciate the reasoning behind all those rules till you become a parent yourself! xxx

  13. Ah, if only children could understand all this before they grow up... :)

  14. I was brought up in a very strict household where my dad didn't allow mess and late homework, this had to be done as soon as I came home from school. Even though I'm strict with my children (by no way as strict as my dad!) it's to no avail, they are still untidy and leave a trail of destruction in their wake - I get told I've got OCD by my children!

  15. I thought exactly the same about my Mum - oh how mad I was at her at times. Now when I look at it she had my best interest in heart and I love her and will look up to her when I have my own kids :)

  16. Work before play - this was my Dad motto; sometimes I really hated him for it... but now... I couldn't be more thankful

  17. My kids think I am trying to ruin their lives i fido any of the above. Although they are good with their veg intake. It's the homework that's the killer or meltdown starter in this house.

  18. These are so true all need to be done and are done so because we love them

  19. This is so true and my mum likes to remind me ALL the time when I moan about a rebellious child

  20. do you sound like your mum yet? I hear myself saying the very things she said to me!


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