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20 February 2015

Keeping Connected: A Must for a Blogger

Mums and dads of the world – listen up! Blogs are a great way to share parenting experiences, offer advice and make new connections with like-minded people. Building your own little corner of the internet can boost self esteem, and help develop lasting friendships. Plus, having a hobby that takes you away from the everyday duties of parenthood can be a great way of bringing balance to a busy schedule.

With so many free blogging platforms out there, starting an online diary has never been easier and there are precious few overheads to think about. One essential cost that the aspiring blogger must think about is broadband. Staying connected is vital. Here are some ways to lower your monthly broadband bills.

Check your usage
Many people tend to find that they are paying for more data than they require. To see whether you are in this club, organise a broadband speed test. This will show you if you’re getting the speeds originally promised when you signed up to your broadband provider. If you use less data usage than you are allowed or have a quicker connection than you really need, consider shopping around for a better deal.

Price comparison websites
Price comparison websites are famous for catchy jingles and cheesy ad campaigns that annoy the life out of us. This aside, they do offer the consumer a fantastic service and opportunities to save money.
A quick Google search will bring up lots of sites comparing the best broadband deals. The best sites will compare prices in your local area and will be completely impartial. Make sure to check that they are recommended by Ofcom.

Combined internet, telephone and television packages are a popular choice for many families. Getting everything through one provider can mean access to some great savings and there are often loyalty programs that reward good customers. Your current provider may be offering a bundle that you don’t know about – give them a call. Once again, price comparison sites will compare all-in-one bundle packages.

Great bloggers need the web at their fingertips; for research, staying in contact and publishing their work. In a fast paced digital world it is essential that you find the best broadband deal available. Of course, one of the best ways to find ways to lower your monthly bills is to read lots of blogs; they are full of tried and tested advice from shrewd and discerning parents.

What tips do you have?

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  1. I've often thought about doing my own blog but would be worried no one would like it!!!

  2. Blogging opens a world of new experiences and friendships, but you are right you really do need to stay connected, or you'll be missing out.


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