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11 February 2015

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do - Holiday Havoc

Every now and then our little ones wake up feeling unwell so we keep them off school until they are better and ready to return to their classmates. Jamster had a day off recently. He came into my room as soon as he woke and looked incredibly pale, complained of a headache and was a bit emotional; a sure sign he isn't great. I told him to head back to bed and that I would make sure his teacher was aware that he wouldn't be in.

The following day he was back to his cheerful self so I was happy for him to go in which was exactly what he did. I assumed that would be the end of the matter but apparently it wasn't! The day after returning to school when I dropped him off at the cloakroom the teaching assistant was there...

Teaching assistant: Did Jamster tell you what I had said?
Me: Oo what was that, I don't think he did.
Teaching Assistant: That the next time you go to Ibiza I need to come with you!

At this point I was feeling rather confused as I had no idea what she was referring to. I glanced at Jamster who was now winking at me and smirking. Once the teaching assistant went into the classroom I questioned him as I didn't want to appear rude to her not having a clue what she was going on about!

Me: What does she mean? Have I missed something?
Jamster: Oh, I just told everyone in my class that I wasn't actually poorly but we had a trip to Ibiza instead!


I then had to pop into the classroom to explain that we weren't on holiday (if only) and that he was honestly unwell. She actually found it quite amusing thankfully as did his teacher. It was a little bit cringe-worthy for me though!

He is such a cheeky chappy with a great imagination.

What have your children done this week to make you smile?

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  1. Haha that's hilarious! If only we all took random trips to Ibiza ;) x

  2. The things they say hey?! I'm sure once my little man can talk we'll hear some corkers….. and I'm sure highly inappropriate phrases out in public at times to embarrass me!! x

  3. Really funny, love the cheeky wink! Kids do say the funniest things.


  4. Haha, that's so funny! What a monkey! Good job the teaching staff believed you! Kids do say the funniest things sometimes #mmwbh

  5. Hahaha! So funny :) #mmwbh

  6. Haha, kids are sooo cheeky! My little girl has a huge imagination, I'm dreading any awkward situations I may find myself in when she is older! My little boy is still learning to talk at the moment and for some reason he is going through a stage of occasionally calling me by my first name. Monday night while I was taking him to bed he was saying his sisters name over and over as he is starting to get the hang of it and saying it more clearly now, then he went on to say Dada. Then he looked at me and said "Sarah"...I said "Nooo Mama"...he just looked at me with a very confused face and replied "No, Sarah!" and then laughed. I couldn't help but smile and laugh, he is so cheeky!

  7. Hehe! Very funny. Working in a school in get told lots of funny things by the children. X

  8. Bwahhhhaa haaahaaa! Hilarious! That's made me laugh out loud. It's also the fact he chose Ibiza - a really hedonistic, wild place :) Kids are brilliant. I kinda want that to happen to me, so I have a funny story to tell him over and over as he's growing up! #sharewithme

  9. Oh my goodness! I swear these kids are out to get us!

  10. Pam Francis Gregory11/02/2015, 19:30

    Told the milkman to be quiet when delivering cos he was being woken up!

  11. hehehe! What a cheeky
    A few years ago we were at the hospital for a checkup and the doctor said you look tanned have you been on holiday. She said yes to Disney We hadn't even left the country never mind going to

  12. Oh no little monster. Bless you how awkward but funny on the other side of it I guess. Glad the teacher and assistant found it funny. Kids will say the darndest things won't they? lol I am sure I will have a few things from my two when they start school. EEK. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  13. That is so funny ! reading this reminds me of the things I used to say as a kid x

  14. It's a Conspiracy theory!!!!! Lucas decided to worry me on a school trip to the local farm and inform he was bringing back a Duck called Michael!! He also told his teacher this................ This was a great post and I was giggling into my cuppa..... #MMWBH

  15. Lucas says - We do like to keep you on your toes, don't we????? The Mother liked this post and showed it to Dad when he got it. They had a giggle and remember the time I asked for pop-corn in the Supermarket ad got my words mixed up and apparently it came out a bit rude!!! #MMWBH

  16. Haha! I'm picking up all sorts from my big brother at the moment! Some not so great! #sharewithme


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