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07 March 2015

Border Collies and Bacon #SatCap

This little poochie loves his food. When I'm making the breakfast he will lay on the floor between my toes and the cabinets hoping I drop something which he can scoff up. When we are eating dinner he will try and sneak into the dining area and sit under the table even though he knows he isn't allowed to. When having a snack on the sofa he will sit on the floor while resting his head on the seat so he can watch you.

He is such a cheeky one but with his puppy eyes, quite literally, it's often hard to say no and I usually save him something tasty!

Have you got a caption for this photo?
I'd love to hear it!

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  1. What do you mean there isn't any sausages?

  2. Is my bacon ready yet mum?

  3. You do know I'm eating that when you leave the room, don't you?

  4. That's for me, right? I think you'll find that pack of bacon in the fridge had my name all over it. It's definitely mine. All mine.

  5. #BaconBuddies ahh I love it, my dog is the same, we both agreed not to give him 'human food'. But I have caught my husband doing it and vice versa. As for the youngest, she just spoon feeds him her breakfast straight from the bowl..... @mummy_marbles

  6. Only 4 rashers? So that's 2 for you, and 2 for me!


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