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25 March 2015

Could You Give Up Sugar? The #SweetSmart Canderel Challenge

This year I've been counting the calories and increasing my exercise as an attempt to shift a few pounds for my holidays, but I hadn't really considered how much sugar I was still consuming. That was until Canderel Red challenged me to take part in their #SweetSmart project where they asked me to go a couple of days without sugar. Certain foods have natural sugars in them which are beneficial for your body, take fruit for example which I obviously don't want to cut out, but many processed products contain far more than you would imagine and I've been looking at labels ever since!

With so many packets and jars available in stores it's often more convenient to take the easier option when it comes to preparing a meal for your family, but that isn't always the best option when it comes to your health. Did you know a bowl of cereal could have as many as 4 teaspoons of sugar inside and that's before sprinkling more on top to sweeten! Then there are tomato based pasta sauces and tinned vegetable soups, that you may think are a healthier options, with 3-4 in too. It's quite shocking really to think about just how much sugar you're probably eating without realising.

By making a few small changes I've been able to drastically reduce my sugar intake and you could give it a go too. It was a lot easier than I expected!

  • I've avoided toast and crackers and opted for natural yogurts with a sprinkle of oats and fruit for breakfast. It is actually far more refreshing first thing in the morning and this is a change that will remain! If you are in a rush you could always try a smoothie instead for your vitamin boost too which you could prepare the night before and refrigerate.
  • Making a big batch of soup at home is far better for you than grabbing a sandwich or burger while on the go which was the case for me a little too frequently. It's a lot simpler than you may think and there is usually enough for a few days which the Mr likes to take to work as he is outside all day and it keeps him warm. Chicken or tomato are my personal favourites. Salads with prawns or meat are a nice light option, especially with summer on the way and dining al fresco.
  • Swap ordinary savoury snacks for fruit alternatives - fruit crisps are packed with flavour. I attempted these and the Mini Mes loved them too! They go well in lunch boxes.
  • I've been making more from scratch. It may mean a few extra minutes in the kitchen but I really like cooking anyway and if it means less sugar then it's worth it. I don't need those extra calories from sugar and I don't want them either!
  • I don't drink tea or coffee but swapping a teaspoon of sugar in each mug for a Canderel tablet in yours could save you up to 700 calories per week - that's quite a difference! You don't have to compromise on taste either as they still provide the sweet finish.
  • Swapping ingredients may also be a good idea. If you love a slice of cake (I certainly do) then look for sugar free recipes or swap sugar for Canderel. I'm giving these brownies a go at the earliest opportunity but I made these delicious Chewy Oat, Berry and Orange Cookies earlier this week too.

You can find great tips and more information on cutting down your sugar intake over on the Canderel Red Facebook page.

Will you be 'Sweet Smart' by reducing your sugar intake too?

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  1. I've cut out sugar too. I found the first three weeks hard but now I really don't crave sweet snacks any more. Nuts are my new favourite snack!


  2. Hi Emma, with all the hype recently about how bad sugar is, it did make me take a good look at my sugar intake and whilst it probably couldn't be classed as low, it would be a lot higher if we didn't eat reasonably healthily. I cook from scratch and bake at home, so I know what's in what we eat...Greek natural yogurt, berries and seeds is one of my favorite ways to start the day too.

    Could I give up sugar? No way! I could live in a world without cigarettes and alcohol, but a world without sugar? I'm not sure I could carry on in a world without chocolate!

  3. I've cut down on sugar as I was having so much it really wasn't good for me. I'm hoping this will have a positive effect on my health very soon!

  4. I recently had to switch to a gluten free diet, I know that I need to cut out sugar too, but I need to adjust to this one first. Seriously, that first cup of coffee of the day with creamer & sugar, well, I dream about it. Seriously. It gets me out of bed in the morning! Thanks for the tips, I will be looking for areas to cut down on my sugar!

  5. I love this post. I think so many people take advantage of the convenience and ease of sauces, jars, packets and the like that we come to rely on them and it doesn't take long to become 'the norm'. It is so easy to cook from scratch and you know exactly what's going into your food. :)

  6. I dont think I could ever give up sugar completely but I am not huge chocolate fan and I don't take it in my coffee anymore my weakness would be sugar in things like ice cream. lol I think people don't even realize how much sugar is in premade sauces and jars because it's just easy and fast when we are so busy in life. Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  7. I don't add sugar to anything I drink or eat but that is about as much as I do x

  8. I tried this and found it quite easy because I don't mind cooking from scratch. I did find it was harder to feed my son as he eats more processed and convenience foods like chicken nuggets etc.

  9. I always sweetners for hot drinks or none at all sometimes, always cook from scratch, love this post.

  10. I am trying to cut down on refined sugar, for myself and my family. I'm experimenting with various substitutes in my baking.

  11. I'm really trying to cut down on sugar, I think it's shocking how much we all eat.


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