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17 March 2015

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do - The Mother's Day Edition

A few days before Mother's Day each year, the Mr will ask the Mini Mes what gift ideas they have in mind for me. Jamster often opts for some cute beauty essentials which are ALWAYS bright pink (he knows me well) whereas Minxy, with more expensive taste (just like me), usually selects jewellery.

This year however the Mr hadn't asked the children and instead he picked up a few items, while shopping himself for convenience, which were stored ever so secretly above the fridge in a transparent bag and in a drawer I often use!

Mother's Day weekend came around quickly and the Mini Mes went off to their dad's house as scheduled. I hadn't expected to see them again until the evening of Mothering Sunday but then I received a text from Minxy...

I've left my bear behind, can we come and pick it up please?

I was actually in bed at the time as I've been suffering with a chest infection and heavy cold for a few days so I responded saying that I would pop it by later. She was adamant though and said that she was just a road away and would be home momentarily so I put on my dressing gown and headed downstairs. Upon opening the front door I realised she had been telling a few white lies as she presented me with a beautiful blue orchid and a card! It was such a lovely surprise and I gave her a big hug and a kiss before she dashed back off in the car. She didn't know the Mr had purchased anything and she didn't want me to go without which was very sweet.

Just seconds after waving her off and heading back inside I received another text...

'Don't kill it will you'.

followed by:

'I paid for it with money from my, yes my, purse and I asked Jamster if he wanted to help me pay but he said No!'

She always speaks her mind and I love her for it! She did make me laugh with her honesty. I'm just wondering if she expects a refund from me to cover the cost!

What have your little ones said or done to make you smile this week?

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  1. That's so funny. It reminds me of my six year old, who wrote a special note on the back of his nanny's Mother's Day card this weekend to make sure that she knew that his big brother DID NOT want to visit her. LOL. Offend or please - they speak their mind lol.

  2. That is so cute of her the little sweetie x

  3. Aw bless her,how cute and ha to the honesty/sibling rivalry ;) I was in tears (stupidly) this week as I completely forgot a special assembly my son was doing with his class until after it had finished, so embarrassed myself crying down the phone to another mum asking if he'd been upset.

    Apparently he was fine, and when I arrived at school with apology (sucking up) match attax cards, the first thing he said to me was "I'm really sorry I forgot to remind you mum"...he really is just too lovely sometimes Stevie x

  4. Heheh, that's very funny and very cute, I could just picture that.


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