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28 April 2015

New Shoes

Ensuring the Mini Mes have properly fitted footwear is really important when it comes to their growth and development as wearing incorrect shoes can cause no end of issues for tiny toes. We generally have our feet measured at Brantano every 3 months as advised, and have done for several years, but it's always lovely to be invited to a store to review their service and receive new shoes in the process, which we were asked to do recently.

Upon arrival we were greeted by staff and shown to the fitting area. There is a table of WOW Toys to keep little ones entertained and also a large variety of stationery, bags, umbrellas and other accessories to browse while waiting. The wait wasn't long however and within minutes the Mini Mes had taken off their existing Nike footwear and were stood on the iPad foot gauge to have their feet sized. The device used was from Clarks and with whole and half size measurements and four different widths it really helps to ensure the perfect fit. It's interactive (they can pick a character, insert their name and age) which means children can really get involved with the entire experience.

The fitter was helpful, made the children feel at ease and answered my questions about the process. He seemed very knowledgeable about what he was doing which put my mind at rest as a parent. I actually discovered that fitters must complete structured training, endure 25 supervised fittings and that the EDI (a top provider of training qualifications) were so pleased with the the fitting service from Brantano that they endorsed it!

Step by step fit
  • Measure - Brantano use a specially designed foot gauge to measure the length, width and depth of each foot.
  • Try On - Brantano find the correct fitting shoe from their wide selection.
  • Take A Walk - the very best fit cannot be achieved without taking a few steps. Brantano's thorough checks always ensure a comfortable fit.

The fitter wrote the sizes down for us and we wandered around the huge collection of shoes on display to find the perfect pair. There are lots of well known brands but other, lower cost alternatives too to explore - something for most budgets.

Immediately the Mini Mes were drawn to the Skechers section with their bold colours and funky laces and Minxy chose the GOrun Ride version while Jamster picked the Flex Advantage which were £40 each.

"Give him true freedom with the SKECHERS Flex Advantage shoe. Smooth leather, synthetic and mesh fabric upper in a lace up athletic sporty training sneaker with stitching and overlay accents. Gel Infused Memory Foam insole."

"Skechers GOrun Ride - Ultra is designed to give you a more natural running experience allowing you to interact with and respond to practically any surface, while also offering cushioning for impact protection."

The fitter then returned to us to see how we were getting on and checked the fit of the footwear. He felt the shoes for length, width and depth, checked the heel to make sure it was secure and around the ankles. The Mini Mes went for a brief walk around the store to ensure they were comfortable and we headed to the checkout with the boxed trainers. If we have any issues we can return them within 28 days but so far we haven't had any issues at all and we will certainly return to the branch in the summer for our sandals and September for school shoes!

You can take a peek at the footwear on offer at Brantano here:

Where do you purchase your child's footwear?

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  1. The fitting service sounds excellent - must be very reassuring.

  2. We went not long ago and was impressed with it but I do miss the old style measures where you put your foot in and have the bit that slides to the toes but that's just me being nostalgic

  3. Some lovely little shoes there. We mostly go to clarks but I'll be checking out brantano after reading this. :)

  4. What a great service you had there....I would be very impressed x

  5. The shoe display looks a bit overwhelming! It's not somewhere I've ever shopped for shoes - I'll have to take a look.
    Lovely to see you on #TriedTested this week :D

  6. I love Brantano, gutted that my local one has closed

  7. Love new shoes for me or the kids I always find brantano a little hard to find the shoes you want if you know what I mean but if you have time you can find some real bargins!

  8. Looks a great recommendation for shoe fitting #TriedTested

  9. We have been to Brantano a few times but always been a bit overwhelmed and gone scuttling back to Clarks lol. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  10. We just browse shoe shops till we find the ones we both like

  11. i like brantano just because of the variety of ranges they have. It is also nice for the wholw family to go into one shop rather than spend hours trapsing around shops!


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