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08 May 2015

30 Wishes

Just a few days ago I joined club 30. I waved goodbye to my twenties and celebrated my birthday with family and friends over a delicious Indian meal with just one or two (bottles of) alcoholic beverages. I'd been dreading it to be honest, it felt as though my youth was coming to a bitter end and I was about to burst with grey hair and wrinkles (getting older is daunting for everyone, right?) but I decided to do something positive to mark my special day with Balloon Time instead.

Balloon Time kits are a convenient way to fill balloons at home in preparation for any celebration. They can easily transform a room and make it far more festive whether it's for a wedding day, christening or baby shower - whatever you like, and if you are a little adventurous you could create some bouquets or centre pieces for the table. You can even give them away to guests as favours at the end of the event which the children in particular will appreciate too. 

The helium doesn't go off so you can store the kit away safely until the next time it is required and it is incredibly easy to use:

  • Open the valve by turning it counter-clockwise
  • Slide a balloon onto the black nozzle
  • Hold the balloon tightly onto black nozzle and push down to release helium into the balloon
  • Remove the balloon and tie a knot

It is also great value (around £22) in comparison to the filled balloons you can purchase from shops; you know the huge character ones that cost the majority of a tenner, bob about in the back seats of the car while you try to transport them home then usually accidentally float away. 
Balloon Time is hassle free.

Each helium filled tank will inflate 30 9" balloons, which are included in the kit, so this was ideal for exactly what I had in mind. I decided to release some balloons into the sky, each with a word written on it which is either a hope for the year ahead or a personal trait I wish to build, and the Mini Mes were more than happy to get involved too. I think they wanted to pretend they were the stars in the Disney Pixar movie 'Up'!

The words I decided to use were:

After inflating each, we wrote on the words, tied ribbon onto the knots (ribbon is included in the kit also) and headed into the garden. We let the balloons go and I began to feel quite optimistic about the future. It was a nice way to say farewell to the past and to welcome my thirties. I wonder how many of my wishes come true....

...Minxy kindly pointed out that I shouldn't write 'pregnancy' or 'marriage' on the balloons as those dreams will never come true... thanks!

How did you/will you celebrate your 30th birthday?

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 I'm working with BritMums and Balloon Time as part of the “Celebration Club”, highlighting inventive and fun ways of using balloons. I was provided with a Balloon Time helium kit and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit for more information and party inspiration. 



  1. Happy 30th Birthday, your balloons are lovely :) p.s wait till you turn 40 it's a lot worse.

  2. Well happy belated bday, I really do have to get a Balloon time set, they look fantastic!

  3. I love this idea, as you say so positive. I can't remember my 30th, it was 22 years ago. Yikes that is old! We celebrated my daughter's last year though and that was wonderful. She had a party with all her friends at her local pub. It was great because I got to meet them all too x

  4. Aww, sweet post! I have no idea where I'll be when I'm 30... hopefully celebrating with family :)


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