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12 May 2015

Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Review

Jamster has always loved playing with cars and over the years he has built up a vast collection of Hot Wheels tracks and diecast vehicles. The latest set to be added to the toy box is the Super Speed Blastway which at only £22.99 is quite an affordable toy to purchase.

There are two launch bays where cars can be loaded and when the triggers are pressed they zoom around the track which activates the pit crew pegs to pop up into the air. The idea is to be the first person to release them all above the grandstand and raise the finish flag - it's seriously fast moving and great for competitive play! Some skill is required but generally anyone can have a go. The way the trigger is pressed can alter the speed that the car travels at slightly so you need to get it just right to go round the loop successfully. I think that just adds to the enjoyment.

Product description:
"Who has the skills and the speed to cross the finish line first?  Send your HotWheels flying on the Super Speed Blastway and pitting them against the competition until the finish flag decides who is the ultimate champion!  Drivers launch up towards the grandstands so fast, they knock off the pit crew one at a time with every lap until the car in the lead activates the checkered flag for a grand victory. Kids will love the side-by-side racing action activated by two kid-activated slam launchers. Grandstands feature pop off characters activated by every completed lap around the speedway. Finish flag appears at the end of the race to reward the winner!  Connects to other Hot Wheels track sets so kids can continue to build an entire world of racing thrills."

The set is quick and simple to assemble with basic instructions provided and we were pleased to know, that like all of the other tracks we own, that this can be connected to other sets too.  We already have the Total Turbo TakeoverTriple Track Twister and 5-Lane Tower Starter Set all intertwining at the moment so after the initial challenges we were able to attach this one via the trap doors. The track pieces have grooves at the ends where blue connectors slide in with ease so extending the track takes no time at all and it is actually a great way to encourage creativity.

It's a shame only one car is supplied in the set but don't forget the exclusive promotion where you buy five Hot Wheels cars to get your hands on a free, limited edition Black one! You can find out more information about this on the website

Jamster loves Hot Wheels and the Super Speed Blastway is no exception.
You can purchase your set here which is currently on offer! 

Do you have Hot Wheels fans in the family too?

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*We received this set for the purpose of the post. The opinions given are honest and our own*


  1. This looks like so much fun....What a great set.

  2. Looks fantastic fun, my son has spent hours of fun playing with his hot wheels set.

  3. Seb and Dominic love cars. Dominic makes his own ramps and enjoys using his cars and loves when they go really fast so I think he may well get one of these for his bday!


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