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30 June 2015

Grabbing a Last-Minute Holiday before the Summer Crowds

So many people experience wanderlust, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed as every new trip yields more and more ideas for places you still want to see. It’s especially hard when your work gets in the way, leaving less and less time to fit in all your explorations - when you find yourself trying to travel over major holidays and long weekends, you can find yourself paying more than anticipated.
If you find yourself trying to travel over the upcoming summer holidays, here are some of the best ways to snag a deal without a lot of forward planning:

1. Choose your destination wisely.
If you’re looking for sunshine and cocktails rather than pools full of inflatables and an overload of families, you need to choose your destination with care. The crowds will generally be heading to popular resorts for beach breaks, so why not look for somewhere a little different? You won’t really know the best deals until you start looking, so it’s worthwhile to remain flexible and open-minded about your destination.

2. Consider all-inclusives.
Most of the cost of a holiday comes in the airfare and lodgings, and that’s part of the growing appeal of package getaways. That’s why there are massive savings to be found by considering all-inclusive options, which can often still be found close to your departure date (those hotels don’t want their rooms to sit empty!). Flights and accommodation all in one neat little package? Panic over.
3. Prepare (what you can) in advance.
Since you’re booking last-minute, you’ll want to be ready to dash on a moment’s notice. You can shop for holiday toiletries and essentials at any time, and learn a few key phrases before you go away. Sites like Duolingo (which also has a handy app) are fantastic if you’re heading to Europe.
4. Shop around.
Don’t get distracted by sales and lowered prices—ultimately, the final price you pay is the price that matters. Stay calm while you compare your options, and consider looking beyond the big websites. Sometimes an airline operating out of the country you’re visiting will have better deals than your local airline, and if you’re waiting until the very last second, it’s always possible that hotels and airlines will be desperate to unload unsold inventory, landing you a solid deal.
It’s completely possible to bag a reasonably-priced holiday without planning months in advance, though it can take a little creativity.
What are your top tips for saving on travel? Are you going anywhere fun over the summer?

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  1. Some good tips here - we used to go away a lot in June before school started.

  2. We've already been to Devon for a week and are off to Wales in the summer holidays too. I'm not a fan of travelling too far and we love exploring the UK

  3. If you can truly leave things till the last minute, you really can bag a bargain! Going all inclusive is a great way of ensuring everything is paid up front, so you don't have to worry too much about spends x

  4. We only travel in the UK as I won't leave the dogs but we get some great deals by booking ahead of time and also we go out of season too.

  5. We are planning a last minute break before the boys go back to school in September. Unfortunately we only have one week

  6. We usually book ahead but I do love the idea of a last minute jaunt. My brother-in-law does it all the time.

  7. I'm in my 40s and yet have never ever travelled all inclusive but I long to. Really need to do that one day.
    Great comprehensive post.
    Liska x

  8. I am a big fan of last minute holidays- you can get some brilliant deals

  9. What some great tips - I've never been brave enough to grab a last minute deal! x

  10. Great tips...I'm thinking of grabbing a last-minute deal right now!! I love travels...probably a bit too much!

  11. we've not really done a package holiday before but I'm really warming to the idea of them! x

  12. Me and Boo love booking a last minute getaway with sometimes only 24 hours until we fly - I have dedicated boxes with holiday clothes in and pre packed toiletries bag; people who know me say i can be ready to leave for the airport in less than 20 minutes!

  13. Great tips! Thank you for sharing!
    What a beautiful view at the top of the post! Love it!

  14. Some great tips, I've never booked a holiday last minute but I know I should because there are some good bargains to be had!

  15. Great tips lovely, that pic has really made me crave a holiday! xx

  16. Some fab tips! As usal our holiday will be a couple of festivals in the UK rather than heading abroad - but maybe next year!

  17. If your staying in the UK for your holidays, shop at aldis or lidls as your shopping bill will stay low x


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