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15 June 2015

The First 1000 Days of Parenthood

The first 1000 days runs from the very beginning of pregnancy right the way through to your baby's second birthday. It is known to be the most important time in a child's life when it comes to their development and it can be a big learning journey in terms of parenthood too. Us mums and dads can certainly experience a lot during this period, with a mixture of highs and lows, but there are plenty of magical memories to be made as we watch our little ones grow!

If it were just up to me I would most definitely love to welcome another bundle of joy into the world.

Although in the very early days it can feel like a blur with lots of dirty nappies, crying and feeding there are great times to follow. Seeing your baby grasp your finger as they stare deeply into your eyes, watching them roll over, the first gummy smile and first steps are unmissable and truly unforgettable. It actually makes the negative parts feel totally worthwhile. It does however go so fast and although Minxy is about to start secondary school it feels like just yesterday she was going to nursery for the first session.

NCT has been conducting some research with the support of Pampers and it's quite reassuring to find that most parents go through similar struggles and highs. There can be moments when you feel quite alone or a bit lost but the results show that lots of parents experience the same challenges, in their own way, with as many as 30% still dealing with sleep issues when their children are toddlers whether through teething, illness or other causes. I certainly remember the sleepless nights due to colic but I also remember the first time they slept through until the morning and I felt so refreshed. It was a great milestone to reach.
67% of dads questioned said that the parenting duties are shared equally with mums whereas only 45% of mums said the same. I think it's important to have support from partners, family and friends when required and NCT is an invaluable source too when you need help, advice or just a friendly face.
Dr Abigail Easter, Research Manager at NCT says;
 “This research has told us about the ups and
downs of new parenthood, and how important it is that both mums and dads find the support they
need as they care for a young baby. Balancing the responsibilities of parenting, work and finances
was a key theme to emerge from the research, and affects different families in different ways.
Good communication and looking after their own relationship is really important for new parents as
they settle into changing roles. This research is just one part of a robust study which will inform
NCT’s education, support and campaigning.”
Paolo Haeusermann, Brand Manager for Pampers, Northern Europe says;
“While the early years of parenthood are filled with many milestone moments, they are also filled with new challenges that parents need to navigate. We were proud to support our long term partner, NCT, on this research which will further contribute to our understanding of new parents and babies, further enabling us to support them better as they make their way through their first 1,000 days together.”

The Highlights of my 1000 Days
  •  Peeing on a stick and actually discovering that I was pregnant was amazing. I was so eager to find out with Minxy that I took the test in the Tesco toilet after purchasing a box of two. With Jamster I found out at home but with both I just 'knew'. I already felt pregnant but the confirmation was great.
  • Going for the 12 week scans and seeing my son and daughter for the first time was lovely, it made both pregnancies feel more real and it put my mind at ease knowing everything was okay.
  • The 20 week scans were equally as exciting and finding out they were pink and blue!
  • Although painful and tiring, giving birth provided an overwhelming sense of achievement; knowing that I was able to create and deliver my babies. Especially with Jamster who I had at home with no midwife present. He was also born in the sac which is rather rare.
  • Both of the Mini Mes crawled backwards first and it was so funny to watch them being mobile. You could tell by their faces how excited they were to finally be able to reach those toys themselves to play and I felt so proud.
  • Those first wobbly steps. Their arms stretched out as they slowly placed one foot in front of the other.


In combination with the release of the research, Pampers has shared their newborn journey of firsts film over on YouTube which celebrates the many special first time moments that
parents and babies experience throughout the journey of parenthood. 

  What was your most memorable first?

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  1. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins17/06/2015, 19:09

    My daughter is 3 in august and its been a big whirlwind of nappies and bottles and sleeplessness but i wouldnt change it for the world its amazing watching her learn new things everyday, I also have a son whos 11 in sept and hes growing up so quick, and hes growing into a lovely boy everyday is a joy with them along with stressful, but im so proud of them both, its an honour to be called their mummy xxxx

  2. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done but I love my 2 children more than anything!

  3. Looks like they are gonna be popular - jinjan46


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