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07 September 2015

5 Top Tips To Transform Your Garden For The Family

Spending time outside with your little ones is vital for their development and it's a great way to let off some steam while enjoying the changing seasons. If your garden needs a child's touch to make it more appealing for play, or to add a splash of colour, then these ideas may be just the thing you need. They will certainly help to put some magic into your outdoor space!

Standard terracotta style pots can be a little boring and also prone to breakages when children are running about. When your kids grow out of their funky wellies simply upcycle them as planters instead! You can stand them in a row to display an array of pretty flowers or hang them from a fence at eye level. Either way, they will brighten the patio nicely and draw in the butterflies and bees.

Stepping stones create a nice pathway to sheds and garages but these can easily become a special keepsake to remain in the grass for years to come. By mixing 2 parts salt, 2 parts flour and 1 part water together you can make a soft dough to press tiny hands and feet into. These prints can be baked for 3 hours at 200 degrees before being decorated.

The idea of pixies, elves and fairies lingering in the garden is enchanting for little ones and you can make homes for them that the kids will love to help with and visit - they are a great way to encourage them to go outside for some fresh air!
There are doors to purchase that you can attach to trees and old tyres that can be filled with soil, stones and miniature wooden furniture. Children can even bring their toys outside to play too.

If you require seating for the kids then look no further. Instead of purchasing tables and chairs you can quickly make your own,  for free, using cable drums. After painting the entire thing white you can add a little red to the top for a toadstool effect. Ideal for eating al fresco, drawing or reading at. If you like the idea of adding some tiny versions to your rockeries then paint corks in the same way.

Children are often interested in animals so making bird feeders is not only a fun and low cost activity but also a great way to attract Robins, Sparrows and other feathered friends in to your beautiful gardens. Making stone pets is another idea to try. These can be placed around the plants and mud or hidden to be discovered by little explorers!

 What tips do you have to share?

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  1. I like the sound of the stone pets. I can imagine they would be fun to hide around the garden and find again.

  2. One of my favourite spots in my garden is my swinging seat... it's such a pleasure to sit back in comfort with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Love your idea of a fairy garden too - I'd love Tinkerbell to come & take up residence in Cornwall!

  3. I wish our garden was big enough to add some nice bits like stepping stones. All of our garden is grass just like a middle size is square piece of grass. It is full of kids toys he he x

  4. Loving your garden Ideas. Lots of great way to add character to any garden with the stone pets. My garden could do with done tlc at the moment

  5. I really want to make more of my garden, and I want to go down the sensory route for next year. I love your tips. I think I will have to get some birdfeeders to help attract more wildlife

  6. I love the stepping stones and the fairy ideas! As you know we moved last year and finally got a garden after being in a flat for so long but sadly I can't afford to do the garden until next year! I can't wait to get it looking all pretty or at least presentable! xx

  7. Those stones are such a personal and magical idea. Kids will love make these and it's something to cherish in years to come.

  8. I wish we had better weather to spend time in our garden - I am lucky and have a lovely big garden. I like birds and watching them - unfortunately so do our cats :( Kaz x

  9. wow some really good tips here Love your garden Ideas great way to add character to any garden

  10. Thank you for the ideas. I think you should ask the children what would they like to see in the garden. Some may like bugs but another child may not. So you could have separate parts of the garden for each child x

  11. These are some brilliant tips! I was planning on designing my back garden but you have inspired me to press on. Thanks for the post.

  12. Some great ideas, we have just started working on our garden, completely the wrong time of year though. Looking forward to the warmer weather so we can get on


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