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01 September 2015

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do

I'm thankful that as the Mini Mes get a little older the less likely it is for them to say something really cringe worthy in public! I've not had any moments where my cheeks have turned crimson and I've wished for the floor to swallow me up for quite a while but there have been many times when they have made me giggle with their cheeky and quirky ways.
The Mr generally walks the dog by himself in the evenings, just after dinner, but the other day we all decided to go as a family for some fresh air. It's always nice to run about through the fields, play chase, kick a ball about and just spend some time together, especially when the evenings are still so light.
There is a small woodland track that we like to venture down and we decided to go for a wander along the narrow path....
Minxy: Mum
Me: Yes?
Minxy: You can walk in front of me if you want to
Me: Oh, okay then, I can do
Minxy: It's just that I've got a wedgie that I really need to pull out and I don't want you watching
She isn't very discreet!
The Christmas adverts have already started to appear on the TV and the Mini Mes have mentioned a few bits that they like the look of already. When preparing lunch I was called from the lounge...
Minxy: I've seen something that I'm going to get you for Christmas mum.
Me: Well keep it secret for now then as it's a bit too earlier for Christmas shopping
Minxy: It's Bio Oil. You could do with some of that couldn't you
Me: Erm... Thanks!
It's the thought that counts, right?
What have your children said or done this week to make you laugh?

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  1. when they pronounce things wrong it can be so funny, I remember a certain incident when a fish's tentacles became testicles right in them middle of a pet shop, embarassing!

  2. Haha oh god Max comes out with some classics. I was once trying to feed him some food (train coming to the tunnel style) when he turned to me and said "mummy my mouth isn't like a tunnel, yours on the other hand..."

  3. Ha ha ha - I love the wedgie bit. So funny! My boys are right at the age where they say what they think. My middle some has some awesome expressions at three!

  4. He he he. I love the wedge! My boys used to say lots of thing. The most memorable was mini telling me that yarns were just his body stalling!

  5. Mine haven't said anything embarrassing lately - that was more when they were little but they constantly amuse me. Your child and the wedgie made me laugh... We've all done that!

  6. Lol, enjoy that bio oil! Mich x

  7. Hahah the wedgie one in future it will be to walk behind you so no one else sees lol. x

  8. Harr I just love what they came out with. My daughter comes out with funny things too always brings a smile to my face.

  9. Haha brilliant Emma! POD is four so still coming out with some corkers as well as asking 842 questions a day like "why don't pirates eat goats?"

  10. That did make me chuckle! This week I had to share a toilet with Isaac and he asked "Mummy, why have you got a plaster in your knickers" I was mortified - thankfully I was just due on but hadn't started, can you imagine if I had

  11. Kids don't you just love em! Mine do this all the time lol

  12. Ha loved the wedgie comment, I didn't half chuckle x

  13. Oh, goodness, Emma was reading about ants last night with daddy and realised the boy ants "helped the Queen" lie eggs so she had to ask how exactly they do that :-).xx

  14. kids are hilarious even now my teen says so many funny things

  15. Lol they are so funny at times and usually very loud and embarrassing at the same time

  16. Lol they are so funny at times and usually very loud and embarrassing at the same time

  17. Aww that's made me giggle. I got all this to come.


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